Ripple enjoyed quite a successful year, particularly when it comes to community acceptance. Besides consolidating XRP as the most crucial Altcoin of the ecosystem, dethroning Ethereum, the image of its token has also improved a lot during the last several months. Precisely, to the point that it already had a quite active, as well as an enthusiastic community, a phenomenon which is similar to the one observed in the other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or BTC, Bitcoin Cash or BCH and Tron or TRX.

Twitter survey about preferred crypto Christmas gifts

XRP has not just improved the image it had, but as it seems, now this altcoin already surpasses with great advantage the acceptation level which some other cryptocurrencies have. After it surveyed 14,618 Twitter users, 50% of them said that if they had to receive crypto as a gift for Christmas, they would like it to be this altcoin over some other options.

BTC came in second place with 37%, while Monero or XMR went in third place with 9% only. The fourth option was that the participants could suggest and comment some other different option from these three, and it hardly obtained 4% of acceptance.

The users reacted in a positive way to this survey, particularly as of the high participation which was generated by it. Among most of the accepted cryptos in the last option were Dash, ETH, and TRX.

The survey was also exciting to follow. For much of it, BTC remained in the first place with 51%+ preference, but it looks like during the last several hours the last 6 to 7 thousand votes were decisive in giving XRP a leader position.

XRP still the second largest coin by market cap

The famous altcoin is still the second largest coin by market capitalization. The 4H chart for XRP/USD has shown that the price is now exchanging in a small IH&S that is inside a large IH&S. This is a quite interesting development as it could actually lead to a game-changing breakout in future.

The market capitalization difference between XRP and ETH remains more than $3 billion. So, if this altcoin follows its current trajectory to complete two IH&S patterns in the months that come, we are going to see this gap grow by a lot more. The technicals for the XRP/USD already pointed to such scenario, but the fundamentals are also better than they were before. The altcoinis signing a partnership left and right with some significant financial institutions which are prepared to buy  XRP, worth more billions of dollars.

RSI for XRP/USD is overbought right now, and the price is probably going to reconsider to the edge of the large IH&S to complete the right shoulder of the smaller IH&S pattern. This is actually a quite beautiful arrangement. As the small pattern comes to completion, we are going to see XRP/USD rise to the top of the highest IH&S to form the head.

Then, we are going to see the price retrace in order to complete the right shoulder of the significant IH&S which are going to set the ground for an ultimate break out past $1 earlier in the next year. This also coincides with the mini Altcoin rally which was anticipated for a long time. It also shows that the price is going to retrace further around February 2019, which once again represents something which was pointed out in some analyses from previously.

XRP prepared for an explosive breakout against BTC

In the past, XRP led the way in gains during a bull market despite the fact that it was a large cap coin. This actually shows that there is a strong demand for this crypto and that demand will just grow over time as adoption also grows. Until then, no major financial institution used XRP for their liquidity solutions.

Some of the significant financial giants such as Western Union experimented with XRP in the past, but they also have to wait still to use XRP to replace their nostro accounts. So, as soon as a single financial institution starts using XRP, there will be a large number of some other institutions which will follow suit that could actually result in skyrocketing demand for Ripple.

This actually means this altcoin is prepared for an explosive breakout against Bitcoin or BTC soon. The reason that XRP is the most favored crypto right now, in comparison to some other cryptos is as it did well even in the bear market. It did not seem entirely correct with the rest of the market, and also preserved the gains it had better than most of the other cryptos.

This is the main reason why XRP is in front of most of the cryptos. As the market is recovering, it is expected that XRP will be seen rising with the rest of the market. As of its technical and fundamental outlook, XRP is better than the rest of the market, and it also has a history of leading the market when it comes to gains. So, it will be logical to assume that the following breakout is going to be a game changer for it, one who is going to widen the market capitalization between XRP and ETH or Ethereum, putting it in direct competition with BTC or Bitcoin too.


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