Every one of us has been there. It comes to the last day of your holiday, and then you realized that you have overdone it and bought too much of the local currency. Annoyingly, you do not always have the ability to exchanges small amounts of foreign currency back at your home place. In the UK mainly, most of the exchange shops are only going to permit customers to ‘buy back’ their currency, using different notes, so no coins are going to be accepted.

An example of currency exchange

Here, we will present you an example.

For instance, you go on holiday to Europe, and you return to the UK with €50.00, all in notes. At this moment, you just go to your nearest bureau de change and exchange the notes for GBP.  On the other hand, if you go on holiday to Europe and you return to the UK with €50.00 in €1.00 coins and even cents, you won’t have the ability to exchange the currency at the majority of bureau de changes, only because they only accept notes.

Of course, the latter scenario is far more common, as to how easy it is to amount small change when you are on holiday.

Because of that, many holidaymakers are left with essential amounts of dead chance, money which has to sit around until the next time when you travel to Europe. Some airports do have foreign coin charity donation points, within which travelers can donate their last bits of loose change, but for those people that have a lot of loose change left over, it is sometimes difficult to part with the currency.

A solution of the problem finally found

Well, finally, there is a solution to such problems. That is if you are traveling via Schipol Airport (Amsterdam) and you have an interest in buying Bitcoin or Ethereum anyway.

According to some new reports, the Dutch firm known as ByeleX Data Solution, installed a cryptocurrency ATM in Schipol Airport on a 6-month trial basis, to encourage travelers to exchange their leftover foreign currencies for Bitcoin, as well as Ethereum. The director of Consumer Products and Services at Schipol, named Tanja Dik, has said that with the Bitcoin ATM, they hope to provide some kind of useful service to passengers by permitting them to easily exchange ‘local’ euros for the ‘global’ cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. For example, that can be beneficial if it is not possible to spend euros in their home country, added she.

What will happen if this proves successful?

It is a quite innovative idea, and it is sure to encourage some new investment into the markets, albeit at quite a slow rate without any doubt. But, can you imagine that this proves successful, and more airports of a similar size to Schipol will start introducing such systems to their arrival terminals?

The arrival terminals of Schipol see 106 flight arrivals per hour alone, showing just how many new customers could have access to this Bitcoin exchange ATM. And only several more airports on this list and customers from 1000’s flights landing at different destinations each hour could be encouraged to exchange such lose change for cryptocurrencies. Overall, in a bigger picture, this little 6-month trial, could have a tremendous effect.


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