If some new promotional adverts are to be believed, eBay is receiving support for digital collectibles, and virtual currencies. Spotted during the Consensus conference in the city of New York, the banners had suggested that eBay is about to enter the crypto arena in what is going to be the significant mainstream breakthrough.

Virtual currency happening on eBay

The photos, which first leaked on one Telegram channel, called @PatronsOfTheMoon, have still to be confirmed by eBay. However, if they are legitimate, it could open up cryptos to 180 million active buyers.

The bidding marketplace could also be eying the digital collectibles market, which is made famous by Cryptokitties later in 2017. The potential of such digital collectibles has been made real by Ethereum, for the first time offering a platform for genuinely authentic and one-of-a-kind digital assets.

As a hub for the collectible auctions and items, eBay is actually a natural mainstream platform for the future of digital collectibles.

How are cryptocurrencies going to work on eBay?

Although there isn’t an official statement on its plans related to crypto, the marketplace was widely connected to UTRUST, which is the Bitcoin payment gateway.

UTRUST actually hired the former PayPal and eBay executive Sanja Kon as VP of the Global Partnership in the last year. So, the partnership between eBay and UTRUST is going to be quite a logical conclusion.

In one statement at that time, UTRUST said that the experience of Sanja at eBay and PayPal makes her the excellent person to help UTRUST to drive merchant adoption of their crypto-payments platform.

They anticipate that she is going to be a key driver in elevating the brand of UTRUST in the crypto-commerce space, as well as the future of the online payments industry.

eBay seriously considers crypto payments

The e-commerce marketplace also had an eye on the crypto payments since the tail end of two years ago. As it has been reported at that time, Scott Cutler, who is the senior vice president of eBay Americas, said that the company has been quite seriously considering the adoption of Bitcoin payments.

In fact, he said that this is a trend which everybody talks about, but sadly, at e-Bay, they do not accept Bitcoin as the form of payment right now. Instead, they are seriously considering it as these cryptos become more of a mainstream payment instrument; however, they are not quite there still.

The surprising reveal of the e-commerce giant is not the only major news from the Consensus. Flexa, which is a crypto payments startup from New York, hinted a partnership with Starbucks, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Nike, at the time of the conference. The startup also launches its app at the Consensus event on Monday.


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