Cryptocurrency trading platforms attract major investors as well as dangerous crypto criminals

The vast shocks on the crypto market, the falls and the rise in the value of bitcoins and other currencies, coasted a lot of nerves all amateurs and nonprofessionals who ventured into crypto business and investing before 2018. In a general panic of uncertain outcomes, which is the current picture of the market capitalization, many have left the market, trying to get as much as they can. About $ 20,000 probably did not even think. On the other hand, the flow of crypto business involves many great names from the world of finance, such as ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) and one of the most dominant stock companies, Goldman Sach. And while small investors leave the ship, big shots see tremendous potential, especially in specialized trading platforms. When big players join the game, it becomes more interesting for the other side of the law, which is precisely what happens in the world of cryptocurrency. Every day we have more and more hacker attacks on cryptocurrency trading platforms.

The industry is making significant efforts to protect itself. According to security analysis, specific vectors that appear in the frames of these criminal actions can be identified, and here are a few tips to prevent or to detect the hacker attacks.

Phishing – a collective term for deceiving users by presenting  as a legitimate company

In the case of this kind of abuse, you might get an email, allegedly from the platform to which you are a user, where they will alert you to suspicious actions from your account. You will be asked to track hyperlinks in the mail, change your password, or fill in specific fields with your personal information. Those to whom the whole system is less familiar, are getting in this kind of action, not realizing that it is a hacker and not a legitimate service of the trading platform. You will unconsciously become a victim of a hacker. To prevent a similar catastrophe, make sure that the mail is sent from the official domain of your exchanger, do not open mail from the unknown addresses, and do not give any personal information to third parties.

The same thing is with access to websites. You need to pay attention to whether there is a security verification icon on the browser. Remember, one wrongly written username, and the required verification can give the manipulator all the information needed to enter your account. You are not even aware that you are in the wrong place. That’s why bookmark the official website of your trading platform and always go through bookmarks to make sure that it’s not about any hacking deceptions.

Hacker attacks are directed towards your e-mail

Intruding your e-mail is just as dangerous as hacking the account itself. Once an offender enters into your e-mail account, he can very easily request password recovery from the platform and again easily and quickly to misuse your wallet and crypto property. It is possible to protect it with the help of a 2FA mechanism, but it is not entirely secure that your account and, of course, cryptocurrency will be safe. TeamViewer installed on another device could help, which will slow down the hackers, referring them to TOTP authentication codes.

Consciousness and awareness of crypto criminals must also be present with all cryptocurrency trading platforms, but also with users themselves. Even the biggest names in the crypto business are not protected by similar malicious attacks. Coincheck is the first example of this. Likewise, many users believe it will not happen to them, to be victims of attacks. However, it is necessary to monitor all security practices carefully and never skip the security protocols. At the very least, to keep the advice as mentioned above, it can be of use.


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