Tweeter Christmas Post from Binance

All those who have invested in Ripple, this holiday, have a real reason to celebrate. In addition to the fact, the XRP value rose from $ 0.30 to $ 0.40 only this week, and another demand from the ripple enthusiasts and tweeter followers is a wish that comes true. Namely, the CEO of the largest exchanger in the world – the company Binance, has announced on the official Twitter page that from now on, will include XRP as a quote/base currency, or more precisely – two of its pairs TRX / XRP and XZC / XRS. Also, the company added some news in altcoin trading, by changing the name of the Ethereum Market to the ALTS Market.

XRP as the new base currency

Ripple has shown one significant difference in contrast to other cryptocurrencies, Instead of waiting for even 15 minutes to complete the transaction, in the XRP, transactions are completed in seconds. Thus, the decision to find his altcoin among the base currencies at the largest exchange in the world is not a bit unexpected.

In the same tweet report, alongside a Christmas message, CEO of the company, Changpeng Zhao announced that the company changed the name of the ETH market to the ALTS since the 24th of December. It is equally emphasized that ALTS does not signify any new currency, but is a symbol for promoting trading with more base currencies, more like the new combined market. Adding XRP to Ethereum as the base/quote cryptocurrency is just the beginning of many changes announced from Binance for the following period.

Ethereum Market is not ETH market anymore, but ALTS Market

In his Christmas announcement, the leading man of the company explained with the new changes what are the new positions and what will remain unchanged. Follows:

– Bitcoin market remains BTC Market, and all pairs who use it as the base currency will retain old names

– The BNB market remains BNB, and all the pairs that use it as a base remain without change

– USDⓈ is the name held for the Stablecoin market (USDT, TUSD, PAKS, USDC), or for the market where customers are able to exchange cryptocurrencies with stablecoins with a value attached to the USD.

Therefore, only ETH Market is changing to ALTS, due to the opening of the field for introducing new base currencies to the same, next to XRP.

The tweet report also states that the selected currencies for pairing are TRON and Zcash as a sign of gratitude for the humanitarian efforts in the past period.


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