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 2017 was a real bitcoin paradise for many. This oldest and most famous cryptocurrency in the world has experienced a real expansion, and many who have embarked on the game on a cryptocurrency market have earned a fortune. However, in 2018 it did not start very well. At the early start, Bitcoin has been experiencing gloomy falls and has made great strides to come up with positive statistics every next month.

However, this increase in the price of bitcoins was negligible, and even the numbers were negative sometimes. In January and March, the value was declining, while in February, the amount of bitcoin had a slight increase of 1.4%, as CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) showed.

Many enthusiasts don’t care too much about past turbulence, but on the contrary, they believe that this year will bring bitcoin to record highs. The forecasts of some experts go towards an enormous growth in the value of all cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin to USD“ is up 33% in April

April is the most successful month for bitcoin trading since the start of the year. Its value with the US dollar has increased by 33%. On the first day of April, the value of the coin was $ 6926.02. The early May shows an amount of $ 9,244.32 in relation btc to usd chart.

If we looked carefully at the movement of bitcoins day by day, we could find an interesting fact. This cryptocurrency reached a value of $ 17,000 in January to crash for nearly $ 7,000 of a negative difference. Early in February, it dropped to $ 10,166. March was a fateful month, where bitcoin found itself with exceptionally low digits, less than $ 7,000. Significant efforts are spent to take the value of the currency at a reasonable margin and to show all of its sustainability characteristics. However, the $ 10,000 figure in March was too high to expect.

Will Bitcoin have a long-term recovery?

Recovery is visible, and maybe it’s possible to talk about some stability in the coming period. It is also since the demand for bitcoin transactions has jumped by 93%, while at the same time, in off-chain transactions through exchanges, the percentage is equally satisfactory and rises to as much as 95%.

Both Bitcoin’s futures CME and CBOE had synchronized movements with bitcoin values. If we take the date April 25, these two derivatives had a recording effect. Over 18,000 contracts were traded that day via CBOE, while CME stalled an 11000-deal trade, which is more than twice as much on a daily level.

Nevertheless, the increase in value and demand was accompanied by a simultaneous rise in taxes, by as much as 90% in the previous month.


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