According to the official press release, published on July 8, BitTorrent is launching its own software for download speed optimization, called BitTorrent Speed, which will have tokens functionality. In the beginning, the software will only serve for Windows, but for the future, it is announced that the project will expand and going to be adapted for other systems as well.

To recall, BitTorrent launched its basic TRON blockchain-token, BitTorrent (BTT) at the beginning of 2019. At the time of launching their own token on Tron Blockchain, the company disposed that in the future they have plans to develop a platform that will have a tokenized content and to allow users to optimize the download speed. Now is the time to rationalize plans, through the new BitTorrent Speed ​​software.

As announced by a peer-to-peer torrent client, BitTorrent Classic Windows client, BitTorrent Speed ​​will now be an integral part of every made company’s download.

How will users be able to earn more BTT with BitTorrent Speed?\

On the official BitTorrent Speed ​​software website, it has also been announced that users will be able to earn BTT by seeding and bandwidth – logically, getting more tokens if they are seeding files for a longer time, and achieving faster loading of are ready to spend more BTT tokens.

With the launch of BitTorrent Speed ​​software, the company also published the start of an integrated digital wallet for clients. This wallet will allow users to manage their token earnings.

Tron’s integration of decentralized networks

To recall, in July 2018, Tron has purchased BitTorrent for an amount that has never been released to the public. In the past year, this company has been continuously working on a project started back in 2004, that is, on the integration of two decentralized networks, using BitTorrent’s permanent standard of exchange technology among colleagues.

The largest P2P network in the world

In a recent release, the company declared that the BitTorrent product package includes BitTorrent and μTorrent clients and represent the largest decentralized P2P network in the world. As further stated in the announcement, there are currently over 100 million active users and more than 1 billion devices, which makes up 22% upstream and 3% of total global traffic on the planet.

At the time when a new BitTorrent Speed ​​software was released, TRON (TRKS) was at the tenth place in the ranking of the cryptocurrency in terms of total market capitalization and traded at around USD 0.034, which is less than 2% per day. Next, the BitTorrent (BTT) token is ranked 36th and is even more in the red zone, trading almost 6% per day at around $ 0.001.


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