The social media giant Facebook is hiring. This social media giant has listed five new blockchain-related jobs for its team on its careers page within the past three weeks, two of which have been recorded on the 5th and 6th of December.

Facebook offers five e new jobs related to the blockchain

The five new job openings for blockchain talent are currently open for applicants, and they are two software engineer roles, a data scientists post and a data engineer, all full-time positions at the headquarters of the company in Menlo Park, California.

While the possible plans of the firm for blockchain have still not been revealed, the ads on its careers pages state that the final goal is to help a lot of people with access to things they don’t have right now. Further on, it cited that equitable financial services, some new ways to save or share information are the potential use cases for the tech.

The role which was most recently listed, Product Marketing Lead for the Facebook blockchain team, outlined that the team is actually fundamental to the mission of problem-solving, as well as community building of the company and specifically in exploring the chances which blockchain is going to bring.

The purpose of Facebook to make blockchain technology work within the company

Facebook has launched this team in May, with the stated purpose of exploring some emerging technology. David Marcus is the head of the group, who was previously the vice president of its Messenger app division of the company. In June of this year, the firm has appointed one of its senior engineers, Evan Cheng, as its lead director of engineering blockchain.

In the ads, Facebook also said that the blockchain division was set up as a startup within the firm, and it has the purpose of making blockchain technology work at scale within the company.

For the data-focused roles, there are actually openings for data scientist, as well as a data engineer, with some of the requirements being described as quantitative analysis expertise, informing solutions with a variety of data, and making product decisions or building some models of user behaviors for analysis or even to power the production systems.

Needed qualifications for the job offerings

Some of the preferred qualifications include: experience with distributed computing – Hive/Hadoop – for the role of Data Scientist, Blockchain, and also coding experience in a range of languages like C, C++, Java, C#, Perl, PHP, Hack and/or Python, for the role of Software Engineer, Blockchain.

According to one report from October, the average earnings of a blockchain engineer were soared to between $150,000 and $175,000 per year, 400% higher than in the last year.

In fact, Facebook looks for two blockchain software engineers that share a passion for tackling complexity, as well as building platforms which can scale through several orders of magnitude.

Maybe indicating that Facebook now considers more than merely exploring blockchain use cases, they have to manage the product go-to-market plans of the firm.


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