The life of Bitcoin

 According to many estimates, it is nearer the day when Bitcoin will surround another million on the balance of mined coins. When 17 million bitcoins are going to be mined out, no one can say for sure.

However, this coming event brings in a public story about the total resources that have the world’s first cryptocurrency. According to the way bitcoin is currently operating, bitcoin price, its mining resources estimates at 21 million. It would mean that there are still 4 million left to be found in the future.

Bitcoin resembles money or gold in many ways. Most of in their limited resources. The system introduces new bitcoins at specific time intervals. Instead of issuing money from the central bank, bitcoin is created through the blockchain network.

Software miners find a valid hush for a particular transaction, solving mathematical problems, for which they are rewarded with smaller amounts. These amount of prizes have been changed since the appearance of bitcoin.

The first bitcoin block was created on January 3, 2009, from its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto. On this occasion, 50 bitcoins were created. In the development of events, for every 210,000 mined coins, this award scaled by about 50%.

How do new bitcoins arise?

Blockchain system consists of blocks. Each block produces 12.5 bitcoins. Blocks are added every 10 minutes to the blockchain. One day, about 1800 new bitcoins are created. What is the exact moment of particular mining coin cannot be determined because of the variations in the minutes that occur when the software synchronizes.

Another 120 years of Bitcoin?

The assessment is that already 80% of the total number of this cryptocurrency, which will ever go on the market already exist. If the blockchain and coin do not evolve and change their current flows, the rest of the percentage of resources will not be mined until 2140.

From the provider Casa, one of the main engineers Jameson Lopp, explains that the current numbers are not alarming. He remarked that bitcoin is divisible in Satoshi and that one coin contains 100 million satoshis, which again give it value.

An interesting fact is that a 21st million of bitcoin will never be reached, because the miner from 2011, who, in unknown cases asked for reword amount of 49.9999 instead of a total of 50. The second fact is that even after the achieved estimated limit, miners can reimburse the fees they already have.

From this point of view, no one can assert with certainty how far the power of the bitcoin goes. It’s only possible to review over the past nine years and see what it has achieved until today.


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