The software developing company, as well as blockchain and Ethereum-focused technology, ConsenSys, has just acquired Planetary Resources, Inc., which is a space venture that has the purpose of deploying technologies for asteroid mining.

The CEO and president of the company comments about Planetary Resources

This acquisition has been made through an asset-purchase transaction. The CEO and president of Planetary Resources, named Chris Lewicki, and the legal counsel of the company, named Brian Israel, joined ConsenSys in connection to Ethereum-focused startup; as a result, taking over the company. However, the terms of the deal were still not disclosed.

Chris Lewicki has some previous experience working as a flight director of the Spirit & Opportunity Mars rovers, as well as Phoenix Mars lander at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

Commenting about his new role at ConsenSys Space, he said that for almost a decade, Planetary Resources has continually pioneered technology, business, as well as law and policy, and brought the promise of space resources irreversibly closer to the grasp of the humankind. He also added that he is proud of the extraordinary accomplishments of his team, and he is grateful to their visionary supporter, as well as delighted to join ConsenSys in building atop their worn, to expand the economic sphere of the humanity of influence into the Solar System.

The legal counsel of the company comments about Planetary Resources

Before joining ConsenSys, Brian Israel worked at the US State Department’s Office of the Legal Advisor, is the US representative to the United Nations space law body.

Explaining the significance of smart contracts in the transforming future of commerce, Israel also remarked that ETH smart contract functionally is the natural solution for private-ordering and commerce in space. It is the only domain of human activity not ordered around territorial sovereignty – in which a different range of actors from a growing number of countries has to coordinate and transact.

The founder, Joe Lubin, comments about Planetary Resources

The company, which was formed in 2012, was started with the purpose of mining asteroids for resources. It has also launched a pair of satellites into the Earth orbit, which includes a successful test of an infrared imager on its Arkyd-6 craft. But, the company also had some financial difficulties after it failed to secure a new round of funding this in June this year.

This Wednesday, the founder of ConsenSys, named Joe Lubin, said that he admired Planetary Resources, because of its record and talent. This acquisition is going to help ConsenSys conduct its space initiatives. He added that bringing deep space capabilities into the ConsenSys ecosystem actually reflects his belief in the potential for ETH to help humanity craft some new societal rule systems through automated trust, as well as guaranteed execution.

This also reflects their belief in democratizing, as well as decentralizing space endeavors to untie their species and unlock human potential. He finished saying that they look forward to sharing their plans and how to join them on the journey in the months that come.

Interestingly, the space initiatives of ConsenSys are going to be managed at a Redmond Washington-based facility that was previously operated by Planetary Resources.

GDF, or Global Digital Finance, which is a non-profit organization focused on driving acceleration, as well as the adoption of digital finance, announced that key members of the cryptocurrency industry, which include ConsenSys, Circle, as well as Coinbase, are going to serve as its founding members.


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