The updated version of DogePal, which has been released on the 23rd of December, includes some handy perks which optimize DOGE transactions.

Creating customized invoices and complete payments within seconds

DogePal users now have the ability to quickly create customized invoices, as well as provide buyers with all the needed details to complete their payments within seconds.

The invoice toolkit of DogePal allows vendors to choose between revealing their identity, or also remaining anonymous, and to optionally add details about the description of the transaction, the amount to be paid in DOGE coins, as well as the email of the customer.

Once when the invoice is created, it becomes permanent, and the user can also print it as a hard copy or save it as an image. DogePal invoices provide a few payment methods which are accessible to everyone, no matter of the fact if the person is a registered user or not.

One of the easiest ways for buyers to complete payments would be to visit the website of the company to input the 7-digit alphanumeric code DogePal generates for each of the transactions automatically.

As an alternative, they may also scan a QR code or even follow a DogePal web link which will redirect them to the payment webpage.

What DogePay offers?

The DOGEcoin blockchain makes sure that the transactions are processed in as low as 20 seconds and DogePal notifies its users about the successful completion of payments via text message notifications.

The platform also gives the users the ability to create different types of invoices, which are suitable for their needs.

For instance, a coffee show owner will have the ability to eliminate congestion on the counters at the time of the peak hours, by printing out QR codes with fixed prices for each product – in this ways, the customers could order and pay for the coffee from their tables instantly, without the need to wait in queues.

Similarly to this, a freelance worker may also create an invoice billing his employer, by adjusting the payment amount in respect to his worked hours.

Bringing DLT closer to real life use applications

With the introduction of a friendly graphic user interface, DogePal has the purpose of bringing distributed ledger technology or DLT closer to real life use applications. It also enables easy daily micro-payments for the average user, removing every complexity connected with the blockchain transactions.

DogePal also followed the recipe of some other payment processors such as PayPal, but it enables users to preserve their rights for sovereignty over their money, using all those benefits that blockchain tech has to offer.

The creator of DogePal, named Tom Carbon, stated that maintaining DogePal as decentralized as possible as it can is his main priority.

The way towards mainstream adoption will not be quite easy, but the team is prepared to embrace, as well as resolve every scaling problem which they are going to face in the years which follow.


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