Ethereum has a dominant role among cryptocurrencies

Even if 2018  didn’t start fabulously for all participants in the cryptocurrency market, in the past year next to the bitcoin exchange Ethereum (ETH) has earned its leadership position by offering excellent opportunities for decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Ethereum, with the help of its wide range of applications on the market, managed to gain enormous popularity and quickly become dominant in this industry, almost as much as bitcoin. His ERC-20 token is considered by many to be the most suitable for projects in this area.

However, it will be questionable whether it will be able to maintain its leading position in the following period. Many new startups that function under the same principle as Ethereum make a lot of attention in the blockchain world.

One of the fast-growing cryptocurrencies is VeChain (VEN). Its popularity is growing, and there is noticeable a large number of highly profiled partnerships with this crypto in the past period.

Can VeChain exceed Ethereum’s popularity?

 Whether these two cryptocurrencies find themselves in a collision for over the leadership in the market, the technologies behind each of these platforms will declare the winner. Also, in the center of the critical factors will be in the supply chain management, smart contracts, and dApps, in the future. The price increase tells us that there is a great chance to come on this occasions.

Recall so many platforms used the ERC-20 Token in the past period that Ethereum had to vary. Practically everything from finance, gaming, transportation, real estate or management that can be decentralized through dApps is devolving with the help of Ethereum. The company’s future is naturally focusing on projects related to supply chain management.

On the other hand, VeChain also has a large number of projects in this area. By choosing the best products, VeChain has the goal to stand out.

How did ViChain become mainstream

What accelerates the development of this currency is that the development team has introduced VeChain THOR and Vet Token. They asked their users to pause their tokens in a short time to increase its value. In this way, VeChain has enabled a long-lasting product.

The success of this move is confirming by a large number of highly-listed partners who are entering into the business with VeChain. Luxury brands and large companies that are in touch with this platform, such as BMW, Samsung or Coca-Cola, will significantly influence the growth of its value and future position.

Summing up the facts, we can say that Ethereum is the leading cryptocurrency for its usability and high applicability. However, there are some essential problems on the platform and higher taxes than with others, which approaching is faster and cheaper. It’s not fiction to say that VeCHain can reach the glory of Ethereum in a brief time, according to the growing number of large companies that offers their trust to VeChain.


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