Mike Blandina, who is the former Google and PayPal executive, is going to join the team behind the institutional digital asset platform Bakkt, becoming its chief product officer or CPO. The news was announced by the CEO of the firm, named Kelly Loeffler, on the 11th of April.

The new CPO of Bakkt

Loeffler, the CEO of Bakkt, published that the former Google and PayPal executive joined their team as CPO. Bakkt is the digital asset focused company launched by the Intercontinental Exchange or ICE, which is the owner of the NYSE or New York Stock Exchange, the worlds largest stock exchange with a market cap of more than $30 trillion.

With over the 25 years of experience in digital payments, strategy, engineering, and operation, Mike Blandina has joined the digital asset platform Bakkt as its chief product officer, or CPO.

In one blog post which was published by the official Medium account of Bakkt, Loeffler wrote that the most significant aspects of building Bakkt are not technological. She also believes that having qualified personnel onboard is going to help the company in making products from the ground up.

According to Loeffler, the role of Blandina is going to be to lead the efforts of the firm to converge a trusted ecosystem for digital assets with payment use cases, to help Bakkt bring real applications to Bitcoin or BTC and some other cryptocurrencies. His most recent role, before he actually joined Bakkt was working with OneMarket as the CTO or chief technical officer of the company. Blandina also had the responsibility for leading product and engineering at OneMarket.

The previous workplaces of the new CPO

Blandina is best known for serving as the head of payments and credit engineering at global digital payments operation PayPal, and also at Google, where he actually worked as the director of engineering for Google Wallet.

Notably, he started working at Alphabet Inc, which is the parent company of Google, after the search engine giant TxVia, which is a venture capital funded FintTech firm where he actually served as the COO and also as the senior broad member. Apart from acquiring the venture-backed fintech startup TxVia, he was also the CTO at the global card, as well as digital payment firm Blackhawk Network.

The career of Blandina started as the software developer in the Army of the United States. Earlier, he worked on the advisory board of Money2020 too. Loeffler remarked that as Bakkt works through regulatory approvals, it is mindful that the infrastructure they build has the power to create more chances for digital assets to grow in relevance, as well as trust – by being more investible, secure, and helpful.

Other significant hires for Bakkt

In one announcement, the CEO of Bakkt even specified some other significant hires like Coinbase veteran Adam White, who has been appointed as the founding COO of Bakkt, and the head of institutional custody and traded products during October of last year.

Loeffler even mentioned that the recruitment of former Worldpay executive named Balaji Devarasetty, who has joined the team of Bakkt as the vice president of tech. Later in March, Bakkt hired the former cybersecurity expert at Cisco, IBM, and Endgame, named Tom Noonan.

First announced last year in August, Bakkt recently reported to have obtained a further delay on getting approval from the CFTC of U.S. Before that, the platform has been reported to have earned a $740 million valuation after it has raised more than $180 million in funding in 2018.


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