The founder of TRON or TRX – one of the biggest crypto platforms for deploying decentralized applications or dApps – Justin Sun, recently noted that stablecoins have the potential to actually provide the infrastructure which is required to launch robust payment gateways.

USDT transfers on TRON to benefit the whole industry

According to the Justin Sun, a USDT based on TRON is going to be faster, more reliable, and cheaper in the near future. He also explained that the crypto has a highly scalable blockchain, which is going to permit for transfers with USDT, the most dominant stablecoin in the world, to be processed a lot faster.

Justin Sun also claimed that on-chain USDT transaction processing times became slower and that these problems are going to be resolved when the coin migrated over to TRON. Sun, whose comments came during one podcast preview from recently, hosted by Rachel Wolfson, “The Crypto Chick,” added that he believes a TRON blockchain-based USDT has the potential to benefit the whole crypto asset industry.

Continuing to criticize the current implementation of USDT, the one which is based on the Omni layer, he also argued that it is wholly unreliable and slow. But, he actually believes that when USDT is integrated on TRON, it is going to help enable faster, as well as more efficient payment systems. This, according to Justin Sun, is going to encourage mass adoption of products related to cryptocurrency.

Institutional investors showing a lot of interest

One former employee of Ripple Labs mentioned that the services and products of TRON are developed in order to attract more institutional investors. When he was asked to clarify how the TRON Foundation intended to distribute $20 million, as part of the global application campaign of the decentralized project, Justin Sun said that it is going to be handled in an entirely decentralized manner.

As he received a lot of criticism on social media for allegedly mismanaging the giveaway, which included giving away a free Tesla car, Justin Sun explained that his organization has been planning to launch the giveaway via airdrops in the manner that didn’t involve accessing the private keys or assets of users.

The method of conducting giveaways

Talking further to confirm that this method is actually an entirely decentralized and secure method of performing crypto giveaways, he said that user funds are going to stay 100% sage throughout the entire process.

Responding to one question related with whether the USDT based on TRON is going to start eventually during the second quarter of this year, Justin Sun claimed that it is definitely going to be introduced by then. Moreover, he remarked that most probably, the TRON Foundation and Tether Ltd are officially going to launch on the 9th of April.

Notably, Justin Sun also hinted at collaborating with Ethereum or ETH developers in the foreseeable future as he stated during the interview. He said that even this year, we are going to see TRON or TRX officially collaborating with ETH to do something good for the whole industry.


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