Chrome web store is closed for mining extensions

At the beginning of the week, Google announces the removal of extensions from their Web Store that mine cryptocurrency. As one of Google’s top managers, James Wagner published on Behemoth’s Chromium Blog that all compromised extensions will be removed in late June this year to protect users from Criptojacking.

As Google’s first man at Extensions Platform Products explained, over the past few months, there has been an abuse of extensions that seem to be naive and useful, while scripts that use significant CPU resources and impact on energy consumption are running in the background. The worst is that it affects the performance of the system, and the user is unaware.

So far cryptocurrency mining has been allowed within an extension, if this is its only purpose and if the user has all the information of the rules of the game. However, more than 90% of the attempts to upload add-ons for such scripts have been rejected, because developers or their creators did not comply with these policies and rules. The only extensions used for Blockchain remain on the Web Store.

Is the cryptojacking a serious problem?

Cryptojacking is a relatively recent issue. However, some large projects such as Elon Musk’s, Heck, even the Tesla’s Kubernet Console, a Google application that was not password-protected, are under attack. This phenomenon appears in Pirate Bay or Salon, and the excellent judgment of the perpetrator of this crime is that they are not always in a browser. Unfortunately, such a thing is possible, but indeed not profitable.

Google announced restricted advertising in cryptocurrency

Just two weeks ago, Google announced the restriction of publishing and advertising in the domain of crypto mining, bitcoin mining and all similar content. By imposing but not limiting them, Google is specifying that this counts on aggregates and affiliates, the initial coin offers, exchange, cryptocurrency wallets, giving or taking advice;

As Wagner finally concludes, the extensions platform is designed to allow developers and users to extract the maximum from Chrome, as the world’s largest search engine. Unfortunately, such large systems often encounter malware and malicious software that work to the detriment of everyone else. All measures will be taken to reduce the risk of using extensions to end-users.


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