Crypto investment bank will help domestic companies to digitize their assets

Russia is one of the countries with a clear direction in which it wants to move when the appropriation and development of blockchain technology is concerned, and if the process of adopting regulations in this area is still not over. Thus, the largest Russian company providing e-payment services, Qiwi, announced the formation of the first crypto investment bank in Russia called HASH.

This e-payment provider has already established Qiwi Blockchain Technology, with the primary goal of developing new digital technology and bringing it closer to a large number of users whose trust this company enjoys.

The primary objectives of HASH are trading services, consulting, compliance with regulations

HASH will base its business on helping local companies who want to invest in cryptocurrency, advising and investing in rising fonds. As stated by Constantine Koltsov, a partner of the company and one of the indebted people for corporate relations, the vision of the new Qiwi branch is to create an international investment bank that will enable its customers to trade services, introduce them to the ICO and appropriately assume a growing number of participants from traditional economic to participate in ICOs. He states that targeted clients range from natural resorts to heavy industry.

Qiwi will provide financial advice, as part of the HASH investment bank, especially in the domain of initial offers, where most of the skepticism is present and ambiguities that slow down this type of trading. Such a reprieve will enable people to distinguish between scams that exist on the market and true potentials. They also give them more possibilities for raising funds and raising their assets. Besides, they will help companies to harmonize their businesses with existing regulations and laws, which currently include blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, just as it will provide services and consultations in the future regarding the implementation of all forthcoming regulations.

What gives a particular advantage to domestic companies is the fact that ICO and crypto trading provide more opportunities when the loan from other countries is in question, given that the current sanctions quite limit Russian banking.

Regulation in Russia

Recall that Russia has not yet adopted explicit legal provisions relating to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As expected from Qiwi, something should happen in autumn this year. Koltsov in front of the company, have positive expectations when the new legal framework is in question, with plans to continue developing and investing in new technologies. Otherwise, Qiwi could look for some other business environment in which it could smoothly adapt its business.

Again, according to leaders, HUSH is already working on an initial offer with a private gas industry firm, to collect $ 20 million through the ICO, with the name of the company not listed.

Many fintech companies around the world are already in conjunction with the new Qiwi project, and they announce partnerships with HASH Crypto Invention Bank. Among them are Hosho, Wings, InVenture, Target Global, Bitfury Capital, RootStock …


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