If you are one of those crypto enthusiasts that are currently looking for a new phone, you should take a look at the brand new HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phones, which is soon going to be available to buy, but only in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH).

A decade after it launched its first Android device, the global consumer technology giant HTC officially launches its first blockchain-enabled phone.

This early-access version of the HTC Exodus 1 is available for pre-order, and it must be paid with using cryptocurrency. The device will start shipping by December. The company announced that it is looking for some developers in order to participate in the early-access version.

The HTC Exodus 1 is actually available to customers in the U.S., Hong Kong, U.K., New Zealand, and Singapore, and almost 30 other countries.

Discovering the new blockchain phone

How it is possible to have a blockchain phone and what does that entail?

According to the manufacturers, the HTC Exodus 1 is actually a blockchain-encrypted phone which offers easy access to security-based and decentralized apps, and the phone acts as its own blockchain node.

It also comes equipped with a secure enclave which permits the chip of the phone to be separated from the in-phone Android system. This is actually a feature which is made by the Arm Holdings of SoftBank, which has the purpose of keeping your crypto-assets safe, as well as secure.

Another security feature for the crypto-users is the Social Key Recovery mechanism which permits you to authorize several of your most trusted contracts which are going to hold a section of your crypto keys so that you can retrieve your crypto in case you lose or break your phone.

HTC intends to release APIs for third-party developers

Phil Chen, the chief officer of HTC, said that the company hopes to get feedback from the blockchain community about the early-access version to improve upon the device. He also said that the phone lines of code are referred to as private keys and which are only known by the owner of the cryptocurrency thus protect their funds.

He also stated that their purpose is to start with the blockchain community, as well as get their assistance in making their wallet and their technology more secure, in essence testing out and providing feedback, as well as suggestions and solutions.

HTC still did not reveal any information about when the device might see some more full launch to the general public, only supposing it will be in December. HTC also has the intention to release application program interfaces or APIs for third-party developers, permitting them to use the Exodus 1 to protect their keys and sign transactions. Also, in those works and plans to push a software development kit or SDK for its wallet for a partner that is going to help HTC to expand its blockchain ecosystem.

Price and specifications of Exodus 1

As of the unique nature of this blockchain-inspired phone, one of the more exciting marketing features is, as we already mentioned, that you can buy this phone only with BTC and ETH.  The price of the phone is actually similar to the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at 0.15 BTC or 4.78 ETH, which breaks down to approximately $960.

The specifications of HTC Exodus 1:

6-inch QHD+ display with 18:9 aspect ratio;

Android Oreo;

6GB of RAM;

126GB of internal storage;

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor;

16-megapixel dual rear camera;

8-megapixel dual front camera;

3,500mAh battery;

IP68 waterproof rating.

The new phone is now available to pre-order, and it will be available across 34 countries in the world, but it is not expected to be shipped until early December.


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