With the increasing of the societal applications of the blockchain, same as cryptocurrencies around the world, also increases the number of some related conferences. While a lot of information you can find on the internet, such conferences give people a unique chance to learn about these blockchain products face-to-face. With about more than fifty meetings held only during this month, one may wonder which conferences are necessary and to which they should go.

Upcoming, as well as already held conferences in June

As different people have different levels of experience with blockchain, as well as occupations, cryptocurrencies, and curiosities, the answer is not so simple. If you are new to blockchain technology, a curious investor, a day-trader, as well as even a well-established member of the crypto-community, there are a lot of good reasons to attend these upcoming conferences.

No matter where are your plans to be in the second half of June 2018, there will be a blockchain conference near you. A lot of financial experts are comparing this blockchain era to the Dotcom boom in the 90’s. The essential growing number of conferences also showed the overwhelming importance of blockchain technology.

Such conferences give attendees a chance to meet face-to-face with the different members of the crypto community. There are usually some panelists, as well as coin founders, developers, and another blockchain senior company management discussing the different societal applications of blockchain technology.

They frequent Expo-halls with tables and booths were companies which are going to be discussing their products, as well as services.  With most of the interactions in the crypto-community happening over the internet or behind a computer screen, these conferences are significant for establishing one’s self in the crypto-community as well as great opportunity for face-to-face networking.

Similar to how the internet has opened its doors to a world of chances that people have never imagined, blockchain technology is all about to do the same.

As there are also some conferences in Zug, as well as Switzerland, Singapore, Tbilisi, Georgia, Auckland, New Zealand, as well as New York City, you can literally be anywhere around the world and also be a short flight to a blockchain conference any day this week.  While there is probably no way to attend all of the blockchain oriented conferences, here we will mention a few big ones who are going on all over the world this week.

20th-22nd of June, Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain technology in Zug, Switzerland

Zug, a crypto-friendly city in Switzerland, is going to be hosting the Crypto Valley Conference. This unique conference is going to provide some chances for business to showcase both their current work, as well as their future plans before an audience of investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, and the media too.

With currently over 600 attendees, more than 40 expert speakers from them, and 25 different exhibitors, this is going to be a full three days of pure blockchain magic.

Currently, the keynote speakers that are included are Stefan Thomas, the CTO of Ripple, and the financial expert Professor Dr. Emin Gun Sirer of Cornell University. Financial analysts and experts in the crypto-community are the speakers that are most often seen at such conferences.

Between the experts in the financial or crypto community and the members of the Swiss government, attendees should have a strong understanding of how the future of finance is going to be changing in Switzerland, using blockchain technology.

At this conference, you should come and watch how different startups pitch their projects with a chance to win this grand prize. While the event language is English, questions are also going to be taken from the audience in French and German, and there will be translation if it is necessary. With about $30,000 on the line, this pitch competition is an event worth attending.

Similar to some other conferences, there are some more thing which can be done than attend the panel discussion, pitch stage, as well as expo-hall. There are going to be satellite event in a variety of locations in, as well as around Zug which is hosted by the members of CVA to engage the crypto-community further and encourage networking.

20th – 21st of June, second Blockchain for Finance Conference APAC, in Singapore

This conference had the intention to help the public to understand how a range of financial institutions are beginning to see that distributed ledger technologies are the best fit for their expanding digital strategies.

With two days of panel discussions, the Blockchain for Finance Conference had some plans about leaving no subject left untouched. The conference started with the panel discussion which covered some of the critical challenges that are currently facing the trade finance process, as well as where DLTs could help overcome the obstacles which are created by these challenges. A later panel also addressed the major misconceptions with regards to using blockchain, distributed ledgers, as well as a step-by-step analysis of how to ensure that blockchain is genuinely the optimal solution for your business goals.

The panel discussions ended with discussing the implementation of regulations, as well as how businesses will adapt. Not just does this conference have had panel discussions, but there was also a pitch stage. There were also a few companies pitching their products. For instance, the first pitch was about how Pundi X plans to allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies more easily.

Pundi X also has some plans to bring blockchain based transactions to the next billion innovators, as well as to help raise the value of cryptocurrency as a whole.

It was an excellent conference for meeting the team of Pundi X, as well as asking questions that you may have about its project.

The second pitch was from UTRUST, talking about their plans to be the innovative crypto-to-cash payment gateway which provides consumer protection for buyers and volatility protection for merchants, as well.

And the last pitch, the third one was from Zeus Exchange, talking about building a hybrid trading platform which is going to connect conventional equity exchanges and the crypto markets.

21st of June, Blockchain Summit in Auckland, New Zealand

The Blockchain Summit, organized by the UNICOM, took the place of the 21st of June in downtown Auckland. The summit brought together a widely diverse group of experts. Panels, as well as discussions,  were focused on the chances, challenges, and existing opportunities in new approaches and disruption that can be leveraged in Auckland using blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is the intersection between the financial industry, as well as the social networking, and powerful decentralized networks.

For being successful with the implementation of blockchain technology into their businesses, it is crucial for people such as stakeholders to design robust legal and business strategies around new business modes, as the technology is evolving in the global markets.

19th – 21st of June, Future of Fintech in the city of New York

This conference was another great chance to see New York City and network with top experts in the blockchain community. With a lot of different conferences going on in the city at the same time, there are also going to be some many opportunities to run into different experts in the community.

There were more than 1000 attendees, many of whom were senior management from corporations and investment community. What was expected from this conference was to be spectacular. It was held at the Jazz Lincoln Center in downtown New York City. It was split into a few sections. The briefing room was with a limited number of seats.

This conference differentiated from the rest of the conferences as there was no panel discussions or small talk whatsoever. The point of the Main Stage Interviews was to discuss exactly what the audience wants to learn, and nothing more.


The focus of these conferences was on blockchain technology, but many meetings are now taking things a step further, and are also having a specialized discussion, such as healthcare, cryptocurrencies, as well as development workshops, and hedge funds.

Most of the population in the world continues to be fascinated with this rapidly growing technology, as more and more societal applications keep being found.

In this month only, there were over fifty conferences around the world. You should attend some of those that are coming and get a little first-hand experience on the technology. Blockchain will be implemented all over the world and across different fields of business and the time to learn about it is right now.


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