Znet is right now open to the entire world, and this is according to reports from recently by IOTA. The official launch of Znet made headlines as this stands out by the flagship of a testnet which did away with the role of a Coordinator. But, Znet in the last several weeks was operational with ample room created for contributions and participation from the community members.

A network without the Coordinator

The coordinator-less or Coo-less/CLIRI function has been innovated in response to the criticism hauled against IOTA, as of the minimal decentralization. The IOTA development team now has a window to address some possible challenges which may arise with the mainnet as the test phase opens.

The decision of IOTA to release a new testnet, which is driven without a Coordinator, saw an important step towards decentralization. As it was initially designed, the IOTA network has been designed to turn on the Tangle, and the process portrayed a semblance of centralization.

Actually, during the last year, feelers from IOTA Foundation have indicated that plans were afoot to strip the network of any Coordinator role. The role of the Coordinator largely served as the security purpose in the consensus algorithm of IOTA.

The Coordinator was safeguard functionality against some double spends on the network as a result of the less than optimal hashing power, which is available in the security infrastructure.

Why was the role of the Coordinator removed?

The decision of IOTA about removing the role of the Coordinator from the platform was referred to as “Coordicide.” The criticism of IOTA also revolved around the centrality of the duties of the Coordinator, which in itself acted as the limiting factor to IOTA scalability.

The functionality of the Coordinator was a needed help used by IOTA foundation in deciding the transactions to give top priority. Besides, the Coordinator even determined when the funds had to be frozen in the transaction chain.

As it is the case with most of the blockchains, the trade-off between security, and decentralization, as well as spend is a tricky one. So, in this particular case, as a nudge towards decentralization, the Coordinator function had to be done away with more significant steps forward.

IOTA kept its position as the leading crypto since 2018, and it also expected that the new development is further going to boost its fortunes. A close look at the credible source of the crypto reports and data reveals the positive outlook for IOTA going forward.

Community participation and IOTA Foundation

With this new system, there is actually a requirement for IOTA Foundation to validate all of the initiated transactions as a step in the authorization process. All of the transactions which arise in the process are going to receive an immediate confirmation.

It probably looked straightforward to remove the Coordinator from the network; however, the process of discontinuing the transmission of milestones is a nut to crack. The old order is still permitting a semblance here with the Node synchronization, Point selection, and Ledger state calculations.

The new plan of the team is about eliminating all the ledger validations completely. In other words, the stated transaction validity is going to persist provided the defining prerequisite for PoW validation if fulfilled. The new version is actually expected to run on a zero-value basis as it was outlined in the design of the testnet.

So far, the team also worked more to ensure resilience consolidation, code stability, and also to gather more information. All these, together with the allied analytics are going to help in gauging the performance of the network. Understandably, this is quite important not to play into the hands of the hackers, as well as online marauders.

A lot of watchers of the crypto and blockchain scene, the defining decision by IOTA represent the main prompt towards uniting the community and the Foundation. Actually, according to Dom Schiener, they look forward to a few tests, as well as initiatives on the days ahead, to enhance the efficiency of the protocol.

The news following the introduction of Znet as a Coordinator-Less Testnet was received eagerly by most of the enthusiasts of IOTA. Actually, the report on the new testnet is already gathering momentum on Reddit, and to a lot of people, the development is the step in the appropriate direction.


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