These days, it seems that the American business magnate called Warren Buffett will be sharing a meal with the founder and CEO of TRON, Justin Sun. Although this sounds weird, it is true.

Justin Sun having a private lunch with Warren Buffett

The CEO of BitTorrent, as well as the founder of the crypto platform TRON, Justin Sun, is going to be shelling out a record-breaking $4.6 million to have a private lunch with the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Mrs. Warren Buffett.

The announced event garnered different reactions from the crypto community as Buffett was a crypto skeptic and has usually spoken against cryptos.

This is not only an ordinary lunch, as it appears that the CEO of TRON puts in a charity bid to have lunch with the man that once called Bitcoin “rat poison.” Sun has announced the news on Twitter on Monday, the 3rd of June.

Buffett: “Bitcoin is rat poison.”

In the tweet, he says that he officially announces that he has won the record-setting 20th-anniversary charity lunch which will be hosted by Warren Buffett. He also said that he is going to invite leaders in the blockchain industry to meet with a titan of investment. He hopes that the lunch will benefit everyone.

Earlier, the billionaire Buffett had criticized the idea behind cryptos. He said that Bitcoin has no authentic value at all in one interview from February. According to him, it attracts charlatans. As we already mentioned, he also said that Bitcoin is rat poison squared, or it is not a currency and even called in a mirage.

However, Justin Sun hopes that he is going to change the mind of Buffett and in that way garner support for the overall crypto, as well as blockchain community. Moreover, Buffett once said that he actually saw potential in blockchain, an underlying technology standing behind cryptos. So, there is, in fact, a shared interest, and Sun is going to get the chance to explain the intricacies of cryptos and blockchain to him.

Sun believes Buffett will change his overall stance on crypto and blockchain

Sun said that he is a long-term believer of Buffett and the long-term value investing strategy that he has. He even said that he strongly believes that with the right communication, as well as understanding, Buffet is going to change his overall stance on crypto and blockchain, permitting this new investment strategy to become well integrated into his global portfolio.

In the meantime, in one statement which was provided by his assistant, Buffett said that he is delighted with the fact that Sun has won the lunch and he is looking forward to meeting Sun, together with his friends. They will have an excellent time, and Glide is going to use the contribution to help many thousands of people.

Warren Buffet was holding these particular auctions for 19 years. The billionaire raised more than $32 million via these auctions for the Glide Foundation, which is a charity organization which helps homeless people in the city of San Francisco, California.


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