ASUS, which is the latest technology giant to hop on the crypto mining bandwagon, announced a new partnership with Quantumcloud, which is a startup and blockchain technology provider with a software solution which permits gamers to use their idle graphics cards in order to mine cryptocurrency, as well as receive a digital cash payout through PayPal or WeChat.

Encouraging gamers to mine crypto

The Taiwanese manufacturer, in this way, encourages players to mine crypto even when they are not playing games. The developer of this software is, as we already mentioned, the partner of ASUS, Quantumcloud.

Being the leader in the graphics card market all over the world, ASUS is uniquely poised as a distribution partner for the Quantumcloud application, which will deliver cash to customers, depending on the efficiency of the crypto mining of their systems. This implies that gamers have the ability to earn a passive income by installing the software of the tech provider Quantumcloud.

ASUS said that Quantumcloud stands apart from some other mining applications by keeping customer data safe, as well as by being extremely easy to use. However, details about which cryptocurrencies are going to be available to mine are suspiciously missing from the announcement.

Quantumcloud does not require customers to create a unique login

According to ASUS, the entire operation is GDPR-compliant, meaning that Quantumcloud does not store any sensitive customer information. As part of its privilege to protect the user data, Quantumcloud has launched with this GDPR compliance in place, and it does not require the customers to create a unique log in. Instead, they can use their existing PayPal or WeChat account login and collect their earnings.

Also, another thing to mention is how much will gamers earn and whether ASUS or Quantumcloud are going to keep any cut from their mining profits. However, there are still no details about this.

However, they should not expect to make a fortune from this activity. On its website, Quantumcloud stated that gamers will not get rich quickly, but they can merely earn some easy money with their idle GPUs.

ASUS is not the only manufacturer to profit from crypto

However, it was also noted that ASUS and Quantumcloud also do not guarantee that users of the software are going to make any earnings or profit, warning that users are the only responsible for considering their own usage costs.

Furthermore, ASUS is hardly the only manufacturer that looks to profit from the crypto hype.

Recently, rival AMD has launched a dedicated blockchain explainer page. But really, the entire thing was an elaborate marketing stunt to get people to buy its mining hardware.


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