Ledger, which is a blockchain startup based in France, confirmed that the initial batch of its hardware wallet from lately, the so-called Ledger Nano X, is going to ship on the 15th of May. This is soon going to be followed up with the rest of the pre-orders shipping during the week which starts on the 20th of May.

Specifications and features of Ledger Nano X

As for the general availability, this new Ledger Nano X is actually expected to hit store shelves right one week after, starting on the 27th of May.

While the Ledger Nano X actually bears some similarities with its older sampling, the so-called Ledger Nano S, when it comes to build quality and look, the removal of the side buttons, which will be replaced with some more functional ones on either side of the screen, will add more practicality and charm to the entire design.

In the meantime, under the hood, the Ledger Nano X is quite a different beast altogether. There was actually an entire technology overhaul to pave the way for numerous features which Ledger Nano S lacked.

For instance, unlike its previous design, the Ledger Nano X does not need to be plugged into a computer to function. It actually picks its own battery, in that way giving users the freedom to utilize the device wirelessly on-the-go.

Among some other perks, this also permits the Ledger Nano X to bring together a larger, as well as a higher-quality display screen; however, it will be with much smaller bezels.

Can Ledger Nano X beat the success of Ledger Nano S?

The new device may be utilized to store private keys to over 100 digital assets, which in all likelihood is quite more than what most of the regular users generally need and require. Another fundamental difference is also the introduction of a new connectivity feature which is known as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE.

In fact, BLE is going to give the users the ability to connect their Ledger Nano X with their iOS or Android-powered tablet or smartphone without the need of a physical cable. And finally, additionally, to the most popular cryptos like Bitcoin, XRP, Tether, or Litecoin, the Ledger Nano X will also support more than 1,100 other digital assets.

While the Ledger Nano X seems to be a choice which is rich with features and more practical for sure, used as a crypto hardware wallet, it is quite hard to predict if it can beat the success of some older versions or not, such as the incredibly popular Ledger Nano S.

Why was Ledger Nano S successful?

The Ledger Nano S had sold over 1 million units as of January of last year, with the sales figure continually growing – although a bit slower than up to that point – over the last one-and-a-half years.

Among some other underlying factors, the enormous commercial success of this Ledger Nano S hardware wallet has also been attributed to the dramatic rise of the crypto market in the late 2017 and earlier in the last year.

Right now, when the market recovers from the prolonged slowdown, it is unlikely that the demand for hardware cryptocurrency wallets is going to scale up so quickly in order to match the one of Ledger Nano S during the boom of Bitcoin in 2017.


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