“More than a cryptocurrency, it is a payment method.”

Remember the famous moment of buying pizza with bitcoin? The story has become viral over the decade, and digital currency users are seeking ways to grow their fortunate wealth every day. Honestly, for what do we need massive numbers on the wallet if we can not afford something nice for ourselves? Starting now,  we are going to give the purest example of how one business managed to link the most influential industry branches such as gaming and traveling with its cryptocurrency. JollyCoin. Using such a method, they manage to provide the users technically the same feeling as the power of money in their hands. And, we are not talking about some small quantities of money at all.

Raising JollyCoin in the year of significant crypto losses

A year after the launch of the JollyCoin, definitely one of the most interesting currencies recently, the team behind this decentralized virtual money is working full time on new projects. Anyone interested in following the development of this coin during the previous turbulent year, little tragic for all cryptocurrencies, can notice that this growing coin has shown an excellent level of stability and sustainability. First, the ICO of 16 million produced coins – successfully completed. Next, the total capitalization of 21 million and high volumes of transactions. A critical moment, of course, was the establishment of an exchanger and a wallet.

We can point out that, during the launch, Jolly had a particular advantage, the existence of an already gathered and large crypto community. This platform offers its users the development of their own tokens and the monetarization of their own projects. Several very successful programs in recent years attracted many enthusiasts around the new coin, and without much trouble, this coin quickly found its purpose and some new followers. Yet, what attracted the most significant attention is a parallel project called Media Get Invest, which uniquely connects JLC, to the video game industry.

Media Get Invest, a place to spend and earn JollyCoin

“The number of registered users in past projects exceeded 100,000, and by the end of 2019, we expect over 1 million users on the network.”

Along with the JLC expansion, a platform called Media Get Invest began to develop. It has an advertising purpose in the domain of video games and mobile applications. According to the creators of this innovative program: “This platform has the benefit of both developers and players.” The particular accent is on the JollyCoin owners.

“Avoiding traditional payment methods, Jolly Coin brings refreshment and news to the community.”  It allows users to perform a high volume transaction when transferring their values from one game to another. With high transaction speeds, owners of this decentralized currency can increase their assets on the wallet, by gaming. Therefore, they can participate in the development of new video games and applications. They also have the ability to develop their own projects and earn for themselves. With a unique bonus program for each start, players can increase their JollyCoin assets without personal investment. The MGI system is connecting all programs wherever the practical value of JollyCoin exist. Users need to have a registered account connected by the code with the favorite game or more games, and with lots of fun and easy access, can start making money. The duty of each participant on the platform is to regain the received bonuses and be active in promoting projects on social networks and other platforms.

Taking a role in the global video game market and plans for the future

It is clear that this platform founds on the direct participation of users as well as the interaction of different projects under the charge of the same visionary community.

JollyCoin aims to become a payment method using the latest blockchain technology, high level of trust, fast and cheaper transaction, and secure and efficient service delivery. We are aware that traditional financial institutions are not able to track new world trends and the global Internet market, which is becoming ever more enormous.

By monetarization, JollyCoin is bringing its supportive community a safe and reliable way of exchanging, keeping digital assets on the wallets with the highest level of security. Furthermore, the project allows for different ways of earning, from investing and freezing coins into safes, where you can become part of a leadership team, to making profits through entertainment and games.

In a short future, JLC is becoming part of another new major project. The next step is to enable its users to travel around the world using this coin, as well as the purchase of many products and services available on the network.

The forecast for adopting and developing the cryptocurrency, in general, is more than positive, given the recent growth of the BTC and showing the stability on the market. In the same mainstream waters, JollyCoin is ready to enter the larger trading volume and be listed on many exchanges. That will, undoubtedly, bring more users who will trade in this exciting cryptocurrency. Moreover, a community growing will bring an even higher level of utility for every single JollyCoin owner.


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