If we could make a brief summary of all the things that come into innovative technology, it is not difficult to understand that top fields of the list are the Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and, of course, Blockchain technology. VTUUR is a company that recently announced its pioneer project that will unite all these elements to provide its users with something unique and so far not seen – a mobile platform for virtual tourist sightings of any destination in the world, all of which is paid in their own cryptocurrency. This revolutionary service will allow users to visit cities, museums, events, concerts around the world, all the things that possibly never been able to attend, and, from their homes.

As VTUUR explains, the vision of the project was to create a mobile platform that will bring Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to the next level. Traveling is sometimes not always available for a lot of different reasons: lack of free time, excessive costs, physical restraint, closed sites or just excessive crowding in the season. With only a smartphone and headset, VTUUR allows you to travel to the most extended destinations using the latest 360 ° Video LIVE Stream technology. To be added, the platform will also lunch the VTUUR token, cryptocurrency with Ethereum base. Users will have the possibility to collect tokens in order of paying the ride through the virtual world.

How do 360 ° Videos Work

Within the project, three types of participants were identified: Tourists, Guides, and Advertisers.

Tourists are users of the app. They watch VR / AR tours, where content can be live streaming or pre-recorded tour. Tourists can book Guides, using VR Request within the application. For those content that is charged, Tourists must have tokens, which they will previously purchase on the platform and later apply for their travels.

Guides are, in fact, service providers. Guides capture traveler’s content using 360 ° cameras and can pre-determine the price of the material they are placing. Any broadcasting of their content on the platform makes them a certain amount of tokens, regardless of whether it’s a free, live or recorded tour. Guides can replace earned tokens on the platform for another accepted cryptocurrency or for a fiat.

The third category of participants is Advertisers, who are not directly involved in virtual tours. They submit ads, but they do not appear instantly to the Tourist, but AI finds a user who has an interest in a similar ad and displays it in the app.

Using the application is very easy for all three parties. For those who want to create a live stream, a new generation mobile device is needed, and a 360 ° camera connected to it. Tourists should provide – a mobile device with an installed application and headset.

Pre ICO, ICO & Tokens

VTUUR will use the decentralized Ethereum platform that matches to the ERC20 standard. The Smart Contract is also being implemented through this platform. Since VTUUR tokens are based on Ethereum, their mining will be carried out by the Ethereum miners. As the planned launch of the ICO, all tokens will be generated before and during so there will not be left tokens for mining after the completion of the ICO. It intends to create a total of 1 billion VTUUR tokens that will be found on the platform.

The Pre-ICO has already begun. Together with the ICO, scheduled for October this year, it will include 50% of total tokens, and the other half will eventually be found on the exchanger within the platform.

On the platform it will be possible to buy tokens and then use them for all types of purchases within the application – Streams, Tours, Events and AR ads support. However, there are certain limitations when the types of users are concerned. For example, Guides will be able to exchange tokens for other cryptocurrencies that are found on an exchanger, or for a fiat currency. On the other hand, Tourists are only able to spend their tokens on VR tours into the app, and without the possibility of further exchange. As Tourists with a wallet can store their tokens, Guides will be able to withdraw the amount too.

VTUUR Exchanger & Wallet

The application will integrate the internal wallet, but users will be able to store their tokens on any external wallet that supports the ERC20 standard.

Exchanger will also be part of the app. Tourists will be able to buy tokens and store them on their wallet, then use it for VR tours and all services within the app, but will not have the right to sell to an exchanger. Guides have the same capabilities, except that they have been granted the sale of earned tokens or to exchange for all accepted currencies and fiat currencies, but not directly to the Tourists.

VTUUR  seems to have developed an ideal system in which it will execute the absolute affirmation and growth of its cryptocurrency. Besides,  providing users with the service that, we have to admit, we waited for so long.  Artificial Intelligence, the virtual world, and digital money, no matter how much they still seem like science fiction, are one step away from us. That’s why it might be wise to make a collection of tokens through the ICO, as VTUUR virtual journeys increasingly act as reality.


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