According to one post from recent times by Reddit, which was biting the estimates for the latest merchant accepters of Bitcoin Cash, the number of online stores that accepted BCH could genuinely be over 945 and the amount of brick-and-mortar retailers around 670.

Statistics for Bitcoin Cash or BCH adoption

One user of Reddit probably connected with the Bitcoin Cash Association and listed the latest statistics for Bitcoin Cash or also BCH adoption from three websites. As the sites are probable to list at least some of the same merchants, here we are going to take the highest outline and brick-and-mortar retailers as a decent indication of the BCH adoption.

Merchant adoption of BCH is where it actually is. These are the numbers from lately:

We have got 945 online merchants that are listed on AcceptBitcoin.Cash.

670 brick-and-mortar merchants are listed on Marco Coino, which is two more than the week before.

And you can find about 939 merchants of all types on Green Pages, which is also two more than the week before.

The Bitcoin Cash Association described itself as a community-driven grassroots project for accelerating the adoption of BCH, and it is led by Paul Wasensteiner, and also boasts Roger Ver, who is an advisor.

Merchants who accepted BCH are smaller and independent outlets

A lot of the merchants that accepted Bitcoin Cash or BCH are currently smaller and independent outlets. Still, some of the largest payment platforms such as Payeer, CopPay, as well as BitPay are also included in the AcceptBitcoin.Cash listings.

One exciting thing about brick-and-mortar retailers is cosmetics chain Lush, as well as larger retailers that accept BCH, do include Overstock and Newegg. Newegg, as well as others,  utilize the Bitpay platform to process the crypto payments of their customers.

Retail giant Overstock has been one of the primary online retailers that accepted crypto payments, and by the middle of 2017, it was accepting about 40 different altcoins.

Retail acceptance of BTC and BCH slowly but steadily increases

As some payment processors such as BitPay permeate the market, retail approval for BTC or Bitcoin and BCH or Bitcoin Cash is slowly but steadily growing. Some companies such as BitPay optionally transfer crypto payments immediately into fiat currencies so that retail customers may also avoid crypto-volatility.

In December 2018, the CEO of BitPay, named Stephen Pair, predicted that the mass crypto adoption is between three to five years away. He also revised a prediction from earlier which was about full crypto adoption being up to a decade distant. Now, he believes that a scenario in which every store accepts a blockchain payment is closer than we can imagine.

Binance also pushes for wide-scale consumer crypto adoption, establish a partnership with hotel booking platform Tripio, to permit its users to book a choice of 450,000 hotels, as well as pay with the Binance coin or BNB.


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