Sending BTC transactions without a direct internet connection

These days, sending Bitcoin or BTC transactions without an internet connection, just became much more accessible. GoTenna and Blockstream Satellite, according to the announcement at the Magical Crypto Conference on the 11th of May in New York City, are integrating their technologies, to make it quite easier to send BTC transactions with the technology used to onboard individuals without a direct internet connection.

Blockstream Satellite is actually the network of satellites which is deployed so that individuals worldwide can download a Bitcoin full node, which is the most secure portal to the BTC network, even without using internet connection. This is likely to happen as long as they have a satellite receiver with the specific software of Blockstream Satellite installed.

On the other hand, goTenna is actually a startup which explores the technology which permits users to connect with other users without using the internet – to send text messages to other people, for instance.

Rather than that, they formed their own “mesh network” to send messages. The limitation is that a user has to connect to someone close-by, within a mile, to send a transaction.

What possibilities goTenna Mesh offers?

Somewhere at the end of 2018, the goTenna device started connecting to their BTC wallet on an Android phone in which users can put Bitcoin, and then utilize it to send BTC transactions without internet connections – as long as they have the ability to connect to another goTenna user who is connected to the internet.

In one statement, goTenna explained that what this means for the users is that they are going to have the ability to receive blockchain data via a satellite and also send signed BTC transactions out via the goTenna Mesh network, without being directly connected on the internet.

The application of goTenna permits users to send signed BTC transactions around the mesh network. For example, when a person is a local provider, and his connection is down for some specific reason, maybe because of a natural disaster, he can still get it to the internet, according to Richard Myers, who is the decentralized applications engineer at goTenna. In the same interview, Myers added that it also provides a more private way of sending BTC transactions.

Sending online transactions will become more accessible than ever

The new integration actually forms part of a more significant effort to make it much easier for people to send offline transactions when they have to do that urgently. It even makes Blockstream Satellite, which maybe sounds more like some science fiction project than a thing which is going to help people, quite more useful and productive.

Myers said that the need for this technology might not be in New York City, but some other parts of the world. It could also be useful there rather than centralized internet providers.

He added that at the moment, users have the ability to send transactions with Blockchain Satellite with the use of other technologies like high-frequency radio; however, these technologies often require more specialized knowledge.

The new technology will give the users on other option which Myers argues is much more comfortable. He said that it is going to lower the bar for who can actually do this type of wizardry.


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