Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange exchanger by volume, is also the owner and founder of particular BCF foundation dedicated to various charity programs. This philanthropic section of the Binance company yesterday announced a new initiative, the launch of PCAT stablecoin to its Binance Chain, to promote and to raise the awareness of women’s health in underdeveloped countries around the world.

Pink Care Token PCAT, charity work of Binance BFC Foundation and 46 more fantastic associates

Yesterday a sign of support was posted on the BFC blog and company announced a new venture, in which a total of 47 organizations will take the participation. Among the partners are big names like Quantstamp, Ripple, the venture company Blockseed Ventures, and other titles from various industries and the public sector. The aim is to promote the Pink Care Token, a newly established stablecoin – to improve women’s health care in developing countries.

First start in Uganda

PCAT is a token that will be available at Binance Chain with the goal of a one-year supply of sanitary pads, instead of using fiat currency, as explained on the blog on July 3. The first transaction of PCAT and the purchase of sanitary pads was planned in mid-July for Uganda women.

The company is convinced that in the future, fund-raising supplies based on the blockchain, such as PCAT, will deal with problems of inefficiency and transparency that are ostensibly present in traditional charity funds.

PCAT news is about positive comments and high hopes. Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, said on this occasion that there are many ways in which the crypts will make the world a better place. The first man and one of the founders of the Binance company said: “Being able to help those who have the need to use the crypto can emphasize the importance of it.”

Binance’s history of charity work

“Pink Care Token is the first stablecoin on the Binance Chain, whose task is a social issue. A large part of the story is humanitarian work, indeed, but also the adoption of a cryptocurrency. And, what can be a more natural way to adopt, than when cryptos are used for a good purpose?

PCAT is not the first charity project of the company. BCF previously launched “Binance for Children” program in Uganda which intends to improve local education, as well as provide schools in the country with necessary solar panels, sanitary pads, school supplies, as well as decent meals for students.


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