The value of Zcash (ZEC) could reach over $62,000 by 2025, assuming the fact that the coin will represent 10% of all offshore wealth by that point, according to a new investment thesis released by Grayscale Investment.

The report which is written by the financial analyst Matthew Beck contains an all-caps disclaimer in a footnote below the chart which states that the prices are “purely hypothetical,” as well as that:

There is no representation being made that any results will or are likely to achieve prices that are similar to those that are shown.

Zcash is an anonymity-focused digital currency which uses zero-knowledge proofs to verify the validity of a transaction without revealing its contents, giving it appeals as a “Swiss bank account in (your) pocket,” as Grayscale phrases it.

Grayscale Investment specifically manages investments in digital assets, overseeing Bitcoin investment (BTC), as well as Ethereum Classic (ETC) funds, the latter added to their portfolio in April last year.

The high assessment of the company about the potential growth of ZEC is as a result of its similarity to BTC and ETC in combination with its privacy and store-of-value properties.

The investment thesis of Grayscale concludes that while it is hard to pick out which digital assets are “truly revolutionary,”

“We have come to believe that the ZEC marks the next generation in a class of investable digital assets, complementing BTC, as well as ETC, and broadening a new dynamic asset class.”

In the spring of 2017, Zcash was also added to the crypto multi-currency virtual wallet Jaxx, and in the fall, it was added to South Korean-based Bithumn, in spite of tightening regulation on crypt in the country.

The privacy advocate and NSA whistleblower, named Edward Snowden, tweeted in September 2017 that Zcash was “the most interesting Bitcoin alternative.”


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