Startup Coinbase wants to invest in the open-source codes

One of the well known digital currencies exchanges from San Francisco, Coinbase has recently raised the dust in the field of introducing open-source systems. Many who follow the development of large companies in this area know that Coinbase has launched various protocols on several occasions.

However, by the last tweet of their General Manager Dan Romero, for the first time, a direct message has been sent that the company will finance and support all those developers who want to work on the open-source code. Even if the company recognizes the industry on the one hand, and this protocol from the other, as a left-to-right, considers the boundary between them to melt over time.

Jori Lallo, a software engineer at Coinbase, said that company hasn’t so far devoted much time to the development of the open-source community, but still believe that the future of the community development is in it. As he told for CoinDesk, it’s an opportunity to invest time and money in them. Jeremy Rubin of Bitcoin Core, however, believes that the atmosphere in the Silicon Valley is not friendly to the philosophy of open source.

The developers suspect that large companies can develop open-source ecosystems

 It has led to the division of thoughts among developers, and to the controversy that there is a hidden war between those who want to build such protocols and those that sell similar products and services in the Silicon Valley. Is coinbase safe?

The developers certainly do not benefit from refusing such big Startups to finance their projects, yet they are skeptical about big technology companies with huge profits,  that is contradictory.

You can see it in the response of Bitcoin Core developer, Luke Dashjr, who thinks that something like this would not focus on the developers either on Bitcoin or Etherium and on projects that would benefit them. Realizing, by introducing such protocols, Coinbase would dictate jobs to developers that would bring them into conflict with their own affinities.

However, if new business plans were not just a story to tell, Coinbase put in more detail plans to implement the open-source system into its business. Even one of the most active participants in the discussion, on the other hand, Dashjr welcomed their moves as confident but not ideal.

In March, the company presented its Coinbase Protocol Team with the famous Bitcoin programmer Jim Posen. The aim of this team is the development of community-led projects. Open Source Found was also set up, which will be allocated monthly and up to $ 25,000 for public projects.

Coinbase does not have room for open sources; we are returning to the opinion of Jeremy Rubin.

Can this large companies  save the talents and give them more freedom at the same time?

It is possible that industry and open source systems are quite controversial. Their merging is possible to some extent if the culture of blockchain business changes.

If we take the example of Blockstream, we will see that it is possible to engage developers to work on company projects while at the same time helping them to get the part of the technologies they develop and that the company offers them paid leisure time for foreign affairs. This way they can dedicate themselves to the goals of the company and at the same time work on the development of their projects and personal success.

The key is in providing independence. Nobody wants to work on projects that are not attractive to them and do not consider them productive. And if such a climate puts the company at risk of losing good talents, Community definicion in this sense is unavoidable.


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