Opera Ltd, which is the Norway-headquartered company standing behind the web browsers utilized by more than 320 million people, will now let the users of Android buy the Ether of Ethereum or ETH cryptocurrency directly within its mobile application, or its browser-based wallet. The service was rolled out in Scandinavia first because of the local partnership.

Opera for Android enables users to buy crypto from smartphones

The Norwegian browser-maker Opera announced that its mobile browser, the Opera for Android browser, is going to allow its users to purchase cryptos directly on their smartphones.

The application is now featuring a digital wallet top-up option by integration with the online crypto brokerage Safello of Sweden.

Opera said that it has partnered with the regulated crypto brokerage Safello to provide the cash-to-crypto exchange. The feature actually allows payments with credit or debit cards too, together with trusted payment networks which include Swish in Sweden.

The feature was rolled out in Scandinavia first, and at launch, Ether purchasing is available only in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

The browser believed to be the entry point for the use cases

The products lead for crypto at Opera, named Charles Hamel, said that they think that the following significant phase for the crypto is going to come from the use and that for it to reach some wider adoption, it needs to be easy to buy, as well as easy to use.

They also believe that the browser is going to be the entry point for the use cases. Thanks to their partnership with Safello, they are taking one more step towards their vision, claimed Hamel.

Besides, the users in Sweden are going to get a discounted fee of 2.5% from Safello for a limited time, while Denmark and Norway users are going to receive a discounted fee of 5%, according to the same announcement.

Safello, which was founded in 2013 in Sweden, is regulated as a financial institution and registered with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Sweden. The solution includes verifying the identities of users with the use of the services BankID of Norway and NemID of Norway.

The online brokerage focuses on speed, as well as ease of use, promising that the process of buying crypto with Safello will take less than a minute.

Transacting cryptocurrencies in the most secure and fastest way

The CEO of Safello, named Frank Schuil, said that with Safello brokerage on the Opera mobile browser for Android, both experienced and new users are going to have the ability to efficiently transact cryptos in the most secure, as well as fastest way possible. The functionality to buy crypto is right at their fingertips, he said.

Opera launched its Wev-3-ready Android web browser wallet in December 2018. The product is supporting Ether, as well as other tokens, using the ERC20 standard of Ethereum or ETH.

Some other crypto collectibles are also supported, and they are CryptoKitties, and ETH-based decentralized applications, or dApps which can be reached from the wallet.


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