Hello Sola.

So, what we have here? Why it is another Initial Coin Offering (ICO), that’s what! In a huge list of offerings, we have found this new thing peeking out at us, whispering “pick me” as we were searching through various white – pages, looking for a coin that is worth our time.

Sola, which was an obvious choice from the start, was that coin.

The new Litecoin, Sola, actually wants to put the social media on the Blockchain. So, if you have been waiting for the right opportunity to trade your fiat for the right cryptocurrency before it makes it to your favorite exchange, you are very lucky. Sola is ready for you!

– Why the Blockchain?

With the increase of privacy concerns stemming from the prying eyes of our very centralized social media sites, the blockchain offers key advantages to consumers that are looking to shield the personal details that they have, from the overlords of Twitter and Facebook.

In fact, the decentralization of our web-based activities can just permit users a type of social – freedom that was never experienced by the overly – controlled millennial generation and their children as well, now growing up amidst the tech – revolution.

Simply said, it is more fun. In the words of those that have created the platform:

Sola spreads information like a vial disease to most of the interested users.

To really get people active on that platform, it rewards the creators of relevant content with a token, which is known as SOL, designed for this purpose. This is genius!

Of course, the platform already exists, and it has a user – the base of over 600,000 users, which is much larger then Steemit (430,000) and Akasha (<10,000) combined.

– Token sale

The ICO of Sola started on 27th of November. Every one of us should have jumped on this no – banner from the beginning.

You should not forget this discount. A 15% discount is also available until the team raises $750,000.00. Another 10% is offered until $1,500,000.00.

And at the end, a 10% discount on your SOL will be given until the ICO financially raises $3,000,000.00.

The brilliant team that is behind the Sola brand plans to use 70% of the proceeds of the ICO into the development of the product. Another 20% will go to marketing, and the rest of it will be for legal services, as well as advisors.

– Conclusion

Very soon, your most popular media sites, as well as their affinity for privacy – invasion will be gone from the new world of decentralized web activity.

And, as our creative content is freed from the confines of our contacts list and set loose into the world of users that are interested, the best, as well as brightest memes, will be sent all over the world, and onto your computer not just by the web, but by the blockchain. So, goodbye Facebook and Twitter and hello Sola – it has been a pleasure meeting you!


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