The startup Status just relaunched a hardware wallet, this time under the new name – The Keycard. Status is known for the development of mobile applications based on Ethereum. The new cryptocurrency wallet should be distributed soon, first as a kind of promotion, free of charge for blockchain developers who are interested. After that, it will be found on the official Status website, at the price of $ 29.

The Keycard – an open-source hardware wallet

As they announce from Status, the Keycard should have the same functions and be as easy to use as any other Visa card in your pocket. Compatible with more digital currencies of which are Bitcoin, BTC cash, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, as well as all tokens based on Ethereum’s ERC20.

The Keycard is a cryptocurrency wallet that uses an open source. What makes it specific is simplicity. Just tapping the app on your mobile phone to sign the traction. In fact, this is a hardware wallet designed as a mobile application.

The Status evaluates the project more as a tool for developers than the final product for customers

As Guy-Louis Grau, the Project Manager says, even if the wallet is launched in early March and gets to the first interested partners, they do not see the Keycard as the final product to the consumer, but as a tool that can be offered to other blockchain developers. By purchasing and implementing the Keycard, third parties will ensure that their blockchain projects have a secure and affordable hardware crypto wallet.

Keycard software should be released publicly by the end of the year

The primary goal of Status is not selling the complete product but giving inspiration to other developers to create their own card. With this, alongside the hardware wallet is an integrated Keycard API for performing multiple applications, such as keeping private keys or signing transactions. This codebase uses a popular technology on which it was operating over15 years, simple hardware. The software is open source, based on a Java card. Whenever a third blockchain party decides to build its own Keycard, it uses open source and runs it through the Java card.

Grau adds that security is one of the essential characteristics of the hardware wallet, and also the Keycard project. Also adds that it is necessary to enable everyone to assess the safety and that therefore it is needed that both software and hardware be open.

Developers can cast a glance and evaluate the new Keycard on Github, and for early delivery, all interested blockchain enthusiast can sign up on the official Status website.


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