Juventus Football Club, which is one of the most famous soccer clubs in the world, is now launching a crypto token which it says is going to boost fan numbers by permitting them to “be heard.”

Juventus Official Fan Token

For the effort, the football club of Italy, which boasts Cristiano Ronaldo as a current member of their team, is teaming up with Socios.com, to launch the “Juventus Official Fan Token.” The token is going to be initially distributed via a “Fan Token Offering or FTO), according to the press release from yesterday.

Having one of the largest global fan base than any soccer club in the world, as well as a vast social media presence, the football team says that it has some intention the Fan Token to increase that audience even further, and authorize supporters outside of Europe to have more direct experience.

The token, which is going to be tradable on the Socios.com platform against its native $CHZ token, is going to permit the fans to vote over an upcoming mobile app. With the platform, fans can also respond to Juventus ballots, allowing the voice of supporters to be heard, as well as creating an emotional connection between the team and its fans, the club explained.

The new crypto token is intended to launch in Q1 2019

The Fan Token Offering, which we suppose is basically an ICO, though the release did not indicate exactly how it is going to be structured or how much it is intended to raise, is stated for launch in first quarter of 2019.

The co-chief revenue officer, as well as head of global partnerships and corporate revenues of Juventus, named Giorgio Ricci, said that at the club, they are always careful and pro-active towards innovation, as well as new technologies. He added that together with Socios.com, they believe they can offer new chances to their fans all over the world to engage in the cutting-edge way with their favorite club.

This announcement came amid a spate of soccer clubs turning to blockchain technology of recently, to try and engage further with their fan-bases.

Other football clubs on cryptocurrencies

Two weeks ago, the top French league team Paris Saint-Germain, revealed that it had some plans to issue its own cryptocurrency as a way to incentivize participation from its fans all over the world. That project is also conducted in partnership with the Socios.com by a similar Fan Token Offering.

In fact, in one press release, Socios.com indicated that it hopes to engage with more soccer clubs, possibly more than 50, or going forward.

The CEO and founder of the firm, named Alexandre Dreyfus said that their ambition is to build the biggest global football community and marketplace for football fans in the world, alongside demonstrating that blockchain, as well as a cryptocurrency,  is the trusted technology of the mainstream.

A Series B soccer team from Brazil, Avaí Futebol Clube, announced on the 12th of September that it is creating a cryptocurrency as part of an effort to develop a digital ecosystem for its fans, as well as raise $20 million. The project actually has the purpose to help it grow to qualify for the top Series A tier, or Brazilian soccer and build up the physical infrastructure of the team.


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