The founder of AOFEX, Ike Ndu, said in an interview from recently that the core competence of cryptocurrency exchange platforms these days is the capacity to improve on security and creativity.

The intention of Ike Ndu, the founder of AOFEX

Speaking of security, Ike Ndu made an example. In recent times, the Tokyo district court announced the report “Mt. Gox Incident” and also ensured the amount of loss on the digital currency exchange platform. According to the report, there is still going to be a bit short even if all the assets of Mt. Gox are utilized for compensation.

The reason of insolvency is actually ridiculous: Hackers attacked Mt. Gox; still, the platform couldn’t take preventive measures, and hackers continually stole the Bitcoin from both the platform, as well as users, which ultimately lead to bankruptcy.

Some similar incidents may be found on the news in the last several years. With the reviewing of the events, it was found that hackers aren’t masters in complex technology midpoints, but professions in the holes of the system, as well as management of the platform: Indicating the lack of safety, as well as lack of experience and methods in risk control and management.

The original intention of Ike is to actually build a safer digital currency exchange and trading ecosystem, which is the AOFEX. Ike Ndu even held the senior post of the assistant vice presidents in the Global markets valuation division of Deutsche Bank London. Also, he was associated director at Mizuho International Bank London, as the head of valuations and response for the independent price verification or IPV, price valuation, as well as methodology and risk reporting for asset-backed securities, rates foreign exchange, credit, commodities, and equities.

Ike Ndu focuses on the exchanges’ creativity

Ike Ndu also has abundant experience in financial risk control, as well as management. He tries to bring the system of risk control, and management, utilized in top banks all over the world into the field of digital asset trading; hence AOFEX reaches a new level of technology, as well as management as a digital currency exchange platform.

For the sound development of the ecosystem, AOFEX rigorously picks digital currency among the mainstream with public blockchain in different fields. Additionally, to this, Ike actually focuses on the creativity of the exchanges.

In one interview, Ike Ndu said that AOFEX launches an entirely new digital currency tool – a non-standardized option that is quite simple, flexible, and also able to advise investors to have much lower risks when investing in cryptocurrency with wild fluctuation.

The advantages of NSO are the varieties, as well as multiplicities in earnings. The investors may choose the direction under manageable risk and manage the risk under their controls. The investors also know the possible route and also the returns in advance, while the outcomes solely rely on the market.

Digital currencies definitely have the wildest fluctuations among the other financial derivatives. The risk preventing oriented hedging products are also limited by the time and the volume of the contract, which cannot answer or hedge the risk of strongly undulated cryptocurrency entirely.

Ike confident about launching AOFEX during this month

NSO not just has advantages in risk management in the investment portfolio of the nonlinear structure, but it even connects the nature of cryptocurrencies and the uniqueness of anti-tampering in the blockchain. Or, AOFEX presents professional risk management control service, as well as strategies in the market of digital currency.

Furthermore, for impartiality and safety, the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on, and the real-time weighted average of the volume of four most commonly utilized exchange platforms, all data is on the chain, in which ensures impartiality, as well as the security of AOFEX.

Moreover, AOFEX cares a lot about the experience of investment, as premium national standard service is served 24/7, hence, all problems may be solved within the time of getting a cup of coffee.

Ike is, in fact, extraordinarily confident about launching AOFEX during April of this year, and he said that their security is the level of a top banc around the world, and NSO becomes the most significant tool in the field of digital currency. Their platform is going to be the revolutionary milestone of the blockchain development progress.


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