Panic on the cryptocurrency market

For all those who are relatively new to the crypto world, the last bitcoin crash can seem like a “the end of the world.”

It is certain that bitcoin price has experienced a dizzying fall from the beginning of 2018, causing panic among people, especially among those who bought in December.

Today, this value is half, and over 115 billion dollars have gone away. The concern of the holder on the bitcoin or the moon bitcoin cash market refers to their initial investment and the amount of this decentralized currency, which apparently has its cyclical path.

It is true that many bitcoin owners have entered the “weak hand” circle to avoid more significant damage and that large investors have emerged from the business environment since the end of last year.

The evident fact that their business never had much to do with cryptocurrencies at all. While some analysts recommend withdrawing from the market, others are trying to prove that recent developments are nothing new in the life cycle of bitcoin and that this currency can experience a great comeback.

Bitcoin might make a comeback

 Using Bitstamp Bitcoin to USD comparison and available public information, the research team recently published a semantic display of the ups and downs of this most famous currency since its inception with a title: Visualizing the History of Bitcoin Crashes: Are Holders Prepared for the Next Bull Run?.

The history of the most famous cryptocurrency in the world in one chart

According to this chart, it is clear that such falls are not any novelty in the bitcoin lifetime. Blue arrows are marking dozens of similar slips (more precisely 13 together with this last one), and loss after each one represents in percentage. Also, this scheme shows the exact number of days of such occurrences on the market.

And if for those fewer experts, this chart looks like a bunch of red arrows that point to crash, but more experienced participants can see that bitcoin is an extremely resistant currency and that the last crash is not nearly alarming concerning a previous. Early losses are from 30% to 87%.

Corrections of these states usually last for several days. The most extended correction was through the entire 2014, capturing a bit both, 2013 and 2015. It lasted a total of 411 days. The next longest is undisputed today, but certainly not as long as this one in 2014.

It is essential to see the history of the development of such a great project. It is undoubtedly accompanied by rapid changes, and that is its nature. The issue of investing in bitcoin is a matter of dedication and playing in the long run. If you are enthusiastic, then you are ready to enter such a battle with the hope that the oscillations will be as small and painless as possible.


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