IBM, which is a giant New York-based multinational IT firm, as well as the Columbia University, which is a private Manhattan-based Ivy League research university, announced the launch of the two blockchain technology accelerator programs.

The accelerator programs will support 10 startups in total

These accelerator programs, which are distributed ledger technology or DLT-focused, are, in fact, the essential components of the Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency. Both of the blockchain-related initiatives are going to provide the expertise and resources which entrepreneurs and blockchain network founders need, to deploy the DLT-based networks.

Notably, the accelerators are going to support ten startups in total, which are actually focused on developing blockchain-related businesses and deploying enterprise level DLT-enabled networks.

Those that participate in the programs are going to be exploring the best practices for developing the networks of the blockchain. Some mentors from IBM and the University of Columbia are going to provide the technical, academic, as well as business assistance which is required for launching DLT-based solutions.

Furthermore, program participants are going to have access to agile design workshops from IBM, which is going to be supported by an experienced network of business and technical professionals.

Accelerator programs will give participants access to IBM Cloud tech

Besides, the technology startups are going to receive guidance from the research community and student talent pools of the University of Colombia. The accelerator programs initiative is also going to give its participants access to IBM Cloud technology.

When commenting on the research-based blockchain accelerator programs, the managing director of the DLT-focused training initiative of IBM, named David Post, commented that the possibilities which are presented by blockchain technology are seemingly endless, and they are seeing some powerful dedication by the technical talent to build game-changing applications.

He also stated that what is also needed to bring about this sea change indeed is actually the right technology and expertise which is why IBM works with Columbia to help give these early and mid-stage founders a way to build enterprise-grade networks which can actually move blockchain innovation further on.

As it was explained by the press release of the announcement, the eight weeks long IBM Blockchain Accelerators has the purpose of assisting later-stage growth companies with providing them with the resources needed to build enterprise-level business networks.

Columbia University was successful in launching several tech accelerators

In the meantime, the eight weeks long on-site New York City-based Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator was explicitly developed for the pre-seed, idea-stage startups which also have a Columbia or some other recognized New York City-based University affiliation.

Interestingly, it is actually the sixth accelerator program which the University of Colombia launched, and which extends support to early-stage technology companies.

The executive director at Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator, named Satish Rao, remarked that the University of Colombia has successfully launched a few technology accelerators in New York City, but this will be their first in partnership with a corporation which is a clear industry leader in the field.

He also added that early and late-stage teams are undoubtedly going to benefit from the technology resources, expertise, as well as the established network of IBM, coupled with the ground-breaking research and talent in blockchain and data transparency of Columbia, all while benefiting from the rapidly growing New York City blockchain communities.


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