Huobi Global is the third largest cryptocurrency exchange by 24-hour trading volume in one bid. They are making adoption and integration of the blockchain technology, which is a frictionless method for startups as well as companies in the distributed ledger technology ecosystem. On the 20th of July, 2018, announced the development of Huobi Blockchain Plus Industry Alliance, as well as that its Cloud service for cryptocurrency exchanges is now live.

Blockchain to the world

While the revolutionary technology of blockchain proved to have the ability to disrupt a vast array of industries in the global economy, a lot of firms are still finding their integration of the groundbreaking technology quite a herculean task.

Along with that backdrop, the company also brings together a group of experts that are well-seasoned in the theory and usage of global Blockchain Plus, to form a society which would help the members to entirely leverage the benefits of DLT and token economy in real-life conditions, in a frictionless way.

To make the plan a considerable success, the company made it clear that it is going to provide all the necessary resources which are needed for active industrial development.

The primary objective of Huobi Blockchain Plus Industry Alliance

The team of the company broke down the scope of the project into four main points, and it hinted that a preparatory committee is going to be set up by members, in order to formulate rules and oversee the overall work.

As the Huobi Global stated, the primary purpose of the Huobi Blockchain Plus Industry Alliance is to support members in creating highly functional blockchain labs at no cost, as well as to provide full-process incubation services for partners, and create a $100 million Global Blockchain Fund to help the development of a vertical industry blockchain.

Besides, the community is also going to collaborate with global cryptocurrency exchange which includes HADAX, Huobi Korea, the company Australia, as well as some other to build Blockchain Plus zones which have the purpose of boosting digital currency trading.

Currently, some highly reputed persons in the Asian academic, as well as Fintech and blockchain have been added to the committee too, which include the president of Huobi Research, as well as the general manager of the Public Chain Department at Huobi, Hubery Yuan, and a lot more.

The cloud service of Huobi

The cloud service of the Huobi Group is targeted at providing a one-stop solution for exchanges, while it will also make it simple for partners to develop highly secure digital assets trading platforms.

As it has been stated, more than ten corporations have already become partners of the company Cloud Service, including International Finance Corporation.

The company stated that Huobi Cloud is going to rely on the existing digital asset exchange platforms of Huobi, providing their partners with the services of setting up over the counter (OTC) exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges with some little to no IT capacity requirement.

Another point which is worth noting is that Huobi is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges which contribute immensely to the development of the global blockchain industry.

On the 5th of June, this year, BTCManager informed that Huobi had in collaboration with Binance exchange, launched a $1 billion fund in order to support distributed ledger technology initiatives in China, as well as in South Korea.


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