Cryptocurrency as a full-time course in US’s Business Schools

 The phenomenon of the Cryptocurrency is experiencing its expansion around the world. It is imminent that demands for knowledge in this field are enormous from people of different profiles and age. The year 2018 has been labeled as a Bitcoin Year when the winds are changing significantly in the area of modern world technologies.

Following the interests of their students who are increasingly moving in the cryptocurrency and blockchain, many large business schools in the U.S. have begun to introduce cryptocurrencies into regular classes.

Renewed American academic institutions will introduce cryptocurrencies this year as a full-time class into their annual plans. The courses will be on the schedule as needed to full-time ones.

U.S. Universities that have introduced new courses

 Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business is one of the first schools to respond to the demands of its students. Namely, MBA students have passed the signing of a petition for the introduction of education in the field of cryptocurrency.

In their opinion, it is necessary to create a new concept of education that will open the door for more future careers. The significance of the university’s affirmative answer to such pressure is in the fact that fifty students were on the waiting list same day. Lectures will start in May this year.

This trend is spreading through other US states like New York and Chicago. In Pennsylvania, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania will also begin with an educational program in the field of cryptocurrency.

University professor Kevin Werbach points out that knowledge in blocked technology and cryptocurrency as crucial for students who are planning jobs in the world of business and economics. It is about future careers.

More knowledges about Blockchain neeed by a broader social mass

An interesting statement had the executive director of the University McDonough School of Business by saying that not only young people in schools are interested in learning, but that cryptocurrency also involves much larger rank of people who are related in work or want to get included in new flows. He claims that the university has received requests from Wall Street to organize educational and training programs.


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