Yesterday, on the 29th of April, Zeux, which is a fintech startup based in the United Kingdom, announced that it adds support for NEO to its “digital payment wallet,” in order to make it possible to spend NEO at different merchant around the world which accepts Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay.

Describing NEO as open source project driven by the community

Zeux gave a brief description of NEO on its website, saying that NEO is actually an open source project which the community drives. It uses blockchain technology, together with digital identities, in order to digitize assets, as well as automate the management of some digital assets with the use of smart contracts. Utilizing a distributed network, it has the purpose to create a ‘Smart Economy.’

NEO has been founded during 2014, and it was open sourced in June of 2015, on GitHub. The mainnet of NEO was released during October 2016 and was running in stable capacity for about two years. The vision of NEO of the smart economy has been set up together with the re-branding of the project in 2017.

Last year in July, in the Ultimate Guide to Altcoins document, Abra wrote that started by a blockchain research company known as Onchain in 2014, the project which was initially called antshares has been re-branded as NEO during 2017. NEO is mostly focused on the verification of smart contracts and digital identities.

NEO called itself a distributed smart economy network, and it is powered by gas in an identical way in which Ethereum runs on Ether. To run smart contracts, you will need a separate token known as gas, depending on the used computing power. The NEO’s price and the price of its gas are actually listed in two different assets on the charts of coin market cap.

Zeux committed to providing the mass with more straightforward ways of paying and investing

In one blog post which was published yesterday, Zeux said that it is actually committed to delivering the mass with some more straightforward forms of paying, and investing, which it does merely by integrating different services onto one platform – the Zeux app, which actually provides digital bank accounts on top of the digital wallet addresses for users.

In this way, it permits them to pay at different stores and even offers them a wide range of investment products which various financial institutions provide.

Zeux is actually registered with the financial regulator of the United Kingdom, the FCA or Financial Conduct Authority, and it charges no fees for opening accounts, top-ups, money transfers, payment fees or withdrawals on cryptocurrencies and fiat.

Frank Zhou pleased to announce the adding of NEO

The CEO and founder of Zeux, named Frank Zhou, said that they have the pleasure to announce that they are going to add NEO to their list of cryptocurrencies. They believe that NEO will pave the way for some smart economy as it will give the developers the needed tool to deploy, as well as scale their smart contract apps without learning other languages.

According to him, this strategic partnership is going to help them build upon their infrastructure from right now and expand their service to some broader audience in the world.

Earlier in April, Zeux also launched a mobile application in the United Kingdom, and it expects to actually make it available everywhere in Europe where it is not still possible later in 2019. On the 7th of May this year, support for the NEO crypto is also going to be added to the Zeux application.


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