In the latest announcement, Block.One that stands behind the new project called Voice will keep bots off its social media platform, with the checking of the identity of every user. In fact, the company has the intention to have many people to verify too, according to the source, with some plans to spend aggressively on marketing. has also concluded a record $4 billion token sale last June.

The primary feature of Block.One’s Voice

Brendan Blumer, who is the CEO of, at one announcement event for Voice on the 1st of June in Washington D.C., said that they have the purpose for a truly self-sustaining economy of ideas and thoughts, where what is suitable for the platform will be useful for the users as well.

One major feature of this new platform is going to be the certainty which says that everyone on it is real, according to the unveiling on Saturday of Block.One.

Blumer also said that it has never been more significant to know that the people they are interacting with and who they are getting some information from is a real person that is accountable for everything they share.

As the source further mentions, Block.One will pay for identity verification on every user, although the precise form those checks are going to vary by country. But, it is going to require government IDs, according to the same source.

In fact, this may be the main feature for Voice vs. networks such as Twitter and Facebook, which have each faced some important challenges with disinformation, abuse, and bots.

The Voice token will govern the economy of Voice

With Voice, people are going to realize how spammed out those other networks actually are. Simultaneously, however, identity checks may scare off the users that prefer maintaining anonymity and the extremely privacy conscious, a group which is well represented in crypto.

During the Voice’s launch event, the CTO and co-founder of Block.One, named Dan Larimer, explained that the Voice’s economy is going to be governed by the voice token.

On Saturday, he said that they believe everyone deserves a voice. This is actually why the voice token possesses the fairest distribution in this world. While the precise details will vary with each jurisdiction, every user of Voice is going to receive tokens daily, the source with knowledge of the situation has told the source.

People may actually use their tokens to elevate their messages, if they choose that, of course. As voice tokens will be used on the platform, some will go to some content creators, while others are going to be burned too.

In that particular way, as the token supply is expanding every day, it is also going to contract as users take advantage of the features of the site, moderating the entire amount. The source didn’t disclose how abundant the voice tokens’ supply is going to be or if the total pool is going to grow with the network over time.

The adoption of the new platform

The hardest fight for a new social media project is about to reach a high number of users. According to the same source, Voice has to be very attractive for the influencers, as not just are they going to have the ability to monetize their following as brands actually pay them to engage with their own products, but that paid content could also see an important response from the followers.

In other words, when the users engage with paid content, the investors are going to get paid twice. Block.One has some plans to participate in a very aggressive marketing campaign to get this message out there.

According to the source, the company also has some plans for a robust marketing campaign which is going to require making use of a lot of the capital of the company as well.


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