A Modern Cryptocurrency

JollyCoin story started in 2016 when a group of dedicated and experienced developers gathered around a new project to develop a more advanced cryptocurrency with a substantial usable value. In May 2018, a coin was launched, initially experienced by a very successful ICO through which 16 million JLC was sold. Soon after, the website with a wallet and exchanger within was launched. Total capitalization of JollyCoin was 3500 BTC at this time. Now, as the exchanger is running and in full preparation for the trading platform, this company announces very radical changes, which may push this young cryptocurrency many steps forward compared to others.

Linking with TrioCoin preferences ​​before going on the trading platform

As this week reports from the company, JollyCoin announces a close connection with the revolutionary and innovative crypto TrioCoin (TRIO) based on the Treechain technology, just a couple of months before entering the trading platform.

Why connect with Treechain technology?

Treechain technology suggests breaking through all the barriers that blockchain has encountered for years. The problem of scaling, the small flow of transactions, the issue of “double spending” have become essential bitcoin problems and all other digital currencies that are based on the same technology. If we consider Treechain as a modern, improved version, we will see that it uses more extensive and more sustainable blocks, with a significant flow of transactions. Also, a much shorter period of mining is needed, which allows for a higher number of possible TrioCoins. After all, this platform uses a vast peer-to-peer network through which the flow of transactions is done directly, without intermediaries, completely decentralized. Transactions are classified in a block in the form of a triangle, which implies a large sum of transaction verification. The nodes in the blocks verify each flow, not allowing a validated transaction to be moved or changed. They are then recorded on a publicly distributed ledger. By using revolutionary recording technology, treechain technology is a great way to record data related to both, registration and transactions.

All of the above factors prevent double spending, transactions are quicker and safer, the whole network is more reliable and imply better authorization. The key to greater applicability lies in a more modern approach.

JollyCoin value is in constant growth, can it reach some significant cryptocurrency before rising on the trading platform?

The company also discovers that the current capitalization of the JLC to TRIO is 205,000. According to current market parameters, this young cryptocurrency has managed to double its value in a short period after connecting with TrioCoin.

JollyCoin is definitely preparing for its great publicity on the trading platform to keep up with some big players on the scene.

What is particularly significant is the explicit goal of determining JollyCoin’s usable value through other projects that support trading in cryptocurrencies. The company has already signed contracts with partners from the travel industry,  entertainment & marketing, and extensive real estate projects have been announced, which will allow the purchase of property in JLC, with enormous benefits for the owners, without additional interest and commissions.

If Treechain demonstrates its good sustainability as it is up to now, JollyCoin can quickly gain a strong position on the Market Cup statistics and considerable benefits to the owners of this prosperous cryptocurrency.


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