For most of the time yet, the crypto community, which ranges from users to traders and even top leading crypto firms, craved. Also, it anticipated the involvement of the Tesla’s CEO – the leading electric car company in America, to make his mark in the crypto space by accepting tokens and even coins for his products, especially Tesla.

2019 marks the start of the lasting of Tesla

The CEO of one of the leading crypto exchange giants in the world, amongst some other executed users, named Zhao Changpeng, had given his comments which were intended to stir up the interest of Tesla and Musk in the crypto space.

While all that buzz and fuzz of Tesla adapting crypto ended up with a frustrated Musk asking Jackson Palmer of Dogecoin to rid of the annoying scam spammers, people could hardly ever guessed that the new year is going to mark the start of the lasting of Tesla. Together with Facebook Inc, Apple Inc, as well as a lot of other companies listed by NASDAQ as shares to be acquired in the form of tokenized securities in the crypto space.

The Ether dwindled drastically on trading volume and market cap

Another more interesting thing is the fact that all of these mega-shares are going to be available for trading on the Ethereum network, and a lot of people would have lost a bet if quizzed about whether they will ever see this coming. This is more than logical, understanding the network of Ethereum gradually losing momentum over 2018.

However, the network of Ethereum did not only lose more than a handful of developers to the Tron network, its long-standing rival that had further gone on to break the record of Ethereum by achieving a good increase transaction against Ethereum.

The native token of Ethereum, the Ether has also dwindled drastically on trading volume and market capitalization too, which led to an overthrow from Ripple XRP which took the second spot as the most valued crypto following Bitcoin or BTC until.

Is the tokenization of shares enough to strengthen ETH network?

However, the big question still remains tied to whether the tokenization of the shares is enough to strengthen the Ethereum or ETH network and how swiftly this is going to occur.

In order to answer this query,  it is necessary to consider the fact that digital exchange DX. Exchange headquartered in Estonia is now providing a unique service which the crypto space is still to receive anywhere else, even more, impressive is the fact that trading is not limited to market times as the exchange is going to allow traders carry out trading activities even when the market is closed one day. The possibility of massive adaptation of this service is highly possible seeing that the exchange aligns with regulatory policies.

With the ease of some foreign investors trading shares through ETH based tokenized assets provided by the DX. Exchange, it is inevitable that the ETH network is going to build an atmosphere for mass adaptation for international investors, the results of this move are guaranteed to provide the ETH network with enough momentum to make a comeback against rival networks such as Tron.


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