One federal subject of Russia, the so-called Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region – Yurga, is going to launch a tourism platform enabled on the blockchain, according to the report from the 7th of June of one major outlet owned by the state.

The new platform will enable tracking public spending

According to the same reports, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which happened last week, the general director of the development fund of the region, named Roman Genkel, signed the agreement with the CEO of the blockchain startup Universa, Alexander Borodich, to launch the platform.

According to one blog post from the blockchain startup Universe on the 7th of June, the system is going to enable tracking public spending, as well as investment to ensure transparency.

Using distributed ledger technology or DLT to protect government grants

The company has also claimed that tagging the money with the use of distributed ledger technology or DLT is going to protect the government grants, as well as the investment against misuse.

Moreover, the firms are going to develop the platform in order to support several different languages, with the primary and overall purpose to connect all the participants in the tourism ecosystem – in fact, suppliers of tourist services and products, accommodation and catering providers, transportation, as well as investors and the tourists themselves too.1

As it has been reported during the last week, the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism of Russia, named Oleg Safonov has claimed that blockchain technology is definitely capable of transforming the tourism industry of the country, during November of two years ago.

Dubai launching a virtual business-to-business marketplace

However, last year in March, some news broke that Dubai is also launching a virtual tourism-specific business-to-business market with the use of blockchain as being the part of its Dubai 10x initiative, to actually be about ten or more years ahead of other cities around the world.

Moreover, during the Economic Forum which happened during the last week, the head of one Russian state-owned oil company knows as Rosneft has stated that the company has still not ruled out the chance of paying for oil with the use of cryptos shortly.


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